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  • 4. Gemma Lavin: a career founded on technology applied in the Education sector

    Our Senior Careers Consultant Liz Wilkinson will interview Gemma Lavin, director of Digital Experience at Haberdashers’ Academies Trust South, a multi-academy secondary school trust, where she heads digital innovation. Gemma will describe us her passion for technology and her mission to use technology to streamline processes and enhance access to information. She will also explain us how the UoL MBA is helping her expanding her professional horizons and which skills have been fundamental during her work path.Key points:[01:31] – Presentation of Gemma Lavin[02:19] – A typical working day in Gemma’s life[04:42] – Gemma’s career journey[06:50] – How does studying an MBA fit in your career?[08:02] – How do you manage your work- life balance?[09:18] – Overcoming setbacks[11:05] – Is there any example of commercial awareness that you are following at the moment?[12:27] – What approach is the ideal to thrive in an AI powered environment?[13:22] – Looking the future of work, which is the skillset of the worker of tomorrow?[15:13] – What advice would you give to a younger version of yourself?[16:57] – Advice for career changers

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  • 3. Henner Schliebs: how to leverage the transformative power of technology as a market executive

    This week Liz Wilkinson interviewed Henner Schliebs, a German Marketing Executive working for a Tech company in Texas. Henner will explore the skills needed as head of a big company, the impact of generative AI not only in the Technology domain but in the overall future of work and what is the day-to-day working life as a Marketing & Sales Executive.Key points:[01:26] - A typical week in his work life[03:32] – An example of an exciting recent project[04:39] – In leading such a project, which skills do you need to apply[09:34]- Impact of generative AI[14:55] – Advice for whoever is making a move in the job market[21:19] – In this automation-dominated area, what skills are the most valuable
  • 2. Sebastian Ramirez: my aspirations and predictions as a Computer Science student in the Latin American tech field

    Join Liz Wilkinson, a Senior Careers Consultant at the University of London Careers Service, as she discusses with Sebastian Ramirez, a current student enrolled in BSc Computer Science at UoL. Sebastian will share his motivation to pursue a degree in Computer Science with specialism in AI and Machine Learning, his decision of opting for a remote course and his recipe to balance work, life and online learning effectively. He will also describe the tech sector in Latin America and give his suggestions as a student stepping into this ever-changing field.Key points:[01:18] – Presentation of Sebastian Ramirez[01:43] – Sebastian experience as a BSc Computer Science student (UoL) and his motivation to study this discipline[02:42] - Which have been the best aspects of the BSC Computer Science course[03:33] – Which soft skills did you acquire thanks to the course[05:04] – Google student Developer Club overview[06:44] – A typical study day[08:18] – Sebastian recipe for a healthy study/life balance when studying remotely[09:50] – Sebastian’s careers ambitions[11:19] – Areas of particular interest in IT[12:10] – Where do you aspire to work in the Latin American context[17:56] – Challenges and opportunities of working in Technology in Latin America[20:16] – How to navigate the computer science market as a careers starter[20:15] – Skills useful in this marketRelevant links:Google Developer Student Club @ UoL - YouTubeDeveloper Student Club @ UoL at Google Developer Student Clubs University of London ( Developer Student Clubs | Google for Developers ( presentation from Google website)
  • 1. Fabio De Ponte: how AI will revolutionize the journalism sector

    In the first episode of the Global Careers Calls podcast, our host Liz Wilkinson, senior Careers Consultant at UoL Careers Service, will interview an Italian anchor journalist working for RAI, the italian national television, as well as University of London alumni in MSc Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, Fabio De Ponte. Fabio will tell us how AI is changing journalism and enabling professionals to spend more time on the ground, how the remote nature of his degree gave him the possibility to conjugate work and family commitments to a full-time study course and which skills and competencies will be vital for the journalist of tomorrow. Key points:[01:33] – Presentation of Fabio De Ponte[01:59] – A typical day in Fabio’s job[01:54] – Reasons why he chose to study an MSc in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence[04:54] – How studying an MSc in Data Science will help you pivot your career[08:29] – Forecast of automation in journalism[11:17] – What skills and qualities the journalist of tomorrow need?[13:47] – How did you balance your work-life and study schedule?[20:22] - Advice for Careers Changers
  • 5. Elizabeth Carriere, my professional journey across International Development: from British civil servant to Governor of Monserrat

    For the final episode of this season revolving around management and leadership across different sectors and countries, Rae Roberts interviews Elizabeth Carriere, former Governor of Montserrat, diplomat and senior director of international development programmes in different roles, both governmental and humanitarian. In this interview, Elizabeth gives a compelling insight into his professional journey that brought her to work in a multitude of positions from social development advisor to governor of a British overseas territory serving in challenging areas devastated by coups and civil wars. Elizabeth will share the challenges and gratifications she experiences during her professional path, the skillset that were fundamental to hold such high-responsibility roles and she will outline the differences between her leadership roles at a governmental and non-governmental level.Key points: [01:20] - Introduction of Elizabeth Carriere[02:42] - An overview of the leadership roles Elizabeth had during her professional journey across the globe[08:32] - Elizabeth experience studying and working at the same time[09:42] - What does having senior and governmental leadership role entail?[11:31] - The role of governor of a British oversees territory[13:58] - Elizabeth experience in an international NGO and the differences from working for the government.[18:06] - How do you manage the high level of responsibility and pressure coming from such a senior and managerial role?[21:55] - What leadership entails in a governmental context?[28:22] - The importance of taking care of your own wellbeing when holding such a challenging positionTerminology:OBE: Order of the British EmpireAn award that is granted for having a major local role in any activity, including people whose work has made them known nationally in a specific area.DPID : Department for International Development.A Department operating under the British government that was responsible for administering foreign aid from 1997 to 2020.
  • 4. Juan Trelles: my career journey from supply chain management to data science

    Join Rae Roberts as she explores the careers of Juan Trelles, a Uruguayan student in Data Science and Business Analytics at the University of London. Juan is an accomplished Project Management Director with years of experience in supply chain logistics. In this interview he will describe his unusual professional and academic trajectory, starting his studies after several years spent working and how this enabled him to acquire a deeper understanding on his professional ambition. He will also share with us his journey to become a leader and the challenges he encountered along the way.Key points:[01:18] - Juan Trelles introduction[01:59] - Juan Trelles studies and academic journey[06:29] - Juan Trelles professional journey[14:50] - How did you come to the point to become a leader?[18:20] - The challenges Juan encountered during his career[25:37] - Do you aspire to work in a place driven by ethics?                                                                                            Connect with Juan on LinkedIn here: Juan Manuel Trelles
  • 3. Ranita Koroma: putting research into practice as leader of an environmental NGO in Sierra Leone

    This week we are looking at Environmental Protection with one of our current student in MSc Global Environment and Sustainability, Ranita Koroma. Ranita is a Sierra Leonean Consultant and researcher in a variety of Environmental subjects such as Blue Economy, Sustainable Development; Marine Governance and Conservation; Climate Change and Biodiversity, Waste Management and Flooding. In this conversation she will talk about her role and experience in the NGO scene in Sierra Leone, her strategies to build a network both at a local and governmental level and how she faced challenges in such an under-financed sector.Key points:[02:01] - How studying with students from all over the world thanks to a UoL degree has influenced your learning experience?[04:26] - Ranita Koroma educational background and a description of her current projects[06:48] - Could you tell us a bit more about your current project and how would you like it to be used?[08:10] - What is your strategy in having meaningful conversation with a variety of stakeholders: decision-makers and the local community?[14:41] - Have you ever encountered any challenging stakeholders or obstacles when building these relationships?[17:03] - How did you start to build your network in the NGO and environmental protection scene in Sierra Leone?