Getting It Together with Eirene the GIT Mom


Nina Westbrook

Season 1, Ep. 5

On this week's podcast, Eirene settles that age-old question once and for all: celebrities - are they really just like us? Nina Westbrook's story is larger than life, but she shows up for fans and family alike ready to keep it real. Married to NBA superstar, Russell Westbrook, and a college baller in her own right, Nina has gone on to become a marriage and family therapist, a boutique owner, a philanthropist, a kids' clothing line designer, AND a mom to three children under three! She might just be the busiest person on planet earth, but she is so down-to-earth and full of wisdom that you won't want to miss this one. She'll share all about how managing expectations keeps her sane, why you have to keep your passions alive, and why you simply have to "go through it to grow through it."

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