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Getting It Together with Eirene the GIT Mom

Tracy Tutor

Season 1, Ep. 13

Tracy Tutor is the definition of powerhouse. As one of the top real estate agents in Beverly Hills, Tracy works with some of the biggest names in the world and is constantly breaking barriers as the first and only female cast member on Bravo's Million Dollar Listing LA. Tracy is also the best-selling author of “Fear Is Just A Four-Letter Word,” a book all about how to develop the confidence to own your life! Today she is joining Eirene for a conversation about motherhood and confidence. They'll chat about the insecurity every parent feels, how her daughter defends her on social media, and why picking your own lane is so important as a mom.

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  • 19. Samantha Busch

    Today’s guest is the star of CMT’s reality tv series, Racing Wives, co-owner of one of THE most successful racing teams in NASCAR, a fashion mogul, and your new fertility guru. In this week's episode, Samantha Busch sits down with Eirene for a candid conversation about her struggles to grow her family and her new book "Fighting Infertility." She'll share how social media, of all things, helped her through it, why she wouldn't trade the experience for anything, and her favorite resources for navigating faith, family, love, and loss.1
  • 18. Amanza Smith

    Today’s guest has lived a lot of lives already, and she’s only getting started! You know Amanza Smith as the megawatt star of the Netflix series, Selling Sunset, but she's also the CEO of her own company, and both a realtor and interior designer. In this episode, she and Eirene talk about "angel moms," what a parent's most important homework is, and the value of having a "what's next" philosophy!
  • 17. Jenni Pulos

    On today's episode, Eirene sits down with Jenni Pulos! You know her from the Bravo series Flipping Out, but did you also know she’s an actress, a comedian, a rapper, an author, and a producer!? Yet more than all that, she’s a wife, a mama, and just simply a woman we’d all like to be friends with. In her infectiously open and energetic style, she talks to Eirene about why it's important to embrace being a parenting failure, about how she's the bad cop in her home, and about the 3 most important words you can learn to say (hint, it's not what you think)!
  • 16. Gabby Reece

    On this week's episode, Eirene welcomes the one and only Gabby Reece to the show! She is THE face of volleyball, THE definition of athleticism and beauty, and THE consummate role model for girls and women everywhere who find inspiration in her story of hard work and happiness. Eirene and Gabby will discuss Gabby's parenting "awakening," how she models strength and values for her daughters, and how she keeps in touch with herself as a person, not just a mom!
  • 15. Kathy Kuo

    Episode Descriptions: You’ve heard her name before because Kathy Kuo is everywhere! She’s a businesswoman, an interior designer, a TV star – and, most importantly, a mom. As the CEO of Kathy Kuo Home, she is considered THE international guru of lifestyle and design. And in this episode, Kathy shares her simple advice for creating a home that sparks joy, how the Covid-19 pandemic has helped her shed her mom guilt, and her oh-so-easy tip for making your kids feel special every day!
  • 14. Monique Samuels

    Monique Samuels is living proof that you CAN have it all. As wife, mother, entrepreneur, author, and reality tv star, she is her OWN empire. In today's chat, Monique shares her biggest mom secrets with Eirene - her parenting Holy Grail, why she spoke to her children like adults from the very beginning, and how to embrace your partner's differences!
  • 12. Dylan Dreyer

    Today’s guest is Dylan Dreyer – meteorologist and correspondent on the Today Show and America’s sweetheart. When she's not busy sharing her love of the planet, its animals, and the environment with you at home, she’s also a wife and mama to two young boys, Calvin and Oliver. In this episode, Dylan and Eirene hit on some of the biggest issues families face - infertility, the fine line between nagging and communicating, and the struggle to be truly present for your kids. Join the conversation to find out how Dylan juggles it all and what she recommends to make your whole house a happier place!
  • 11. Myka Meier

    Today Eirene is sitting down with THE Marie Kondo of etiquette, Myka Meier! Myka is the founder of Beaumont Etiquette and the co-founder of The Plaza Hotel Finishing Program in New York City where she teaches modern-day etiquette to adults, teens, children, and businesses. If you think good manners are a thing of the past, think again! Myka explains how compassion is the core of good etiquette and why it's never too early (or too late!) to start teaching your children positive behavior. She shares why feeling crazy can be normal but also why those sweatpants may NOT be serving you! She and Eirene talk about the power of now as a mothering mentality, the future of etiquette in a post-coronavirus world, and how being a hustler can be glamorous, elegant, and powerful!