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0766 –Voice Problems Caused By Shouting and Smoking

Season 3, Ep. 766

2023.02.05 – 0766 –Voice Problems Caused By Shouting and Smoking


Shouting – causes the folds are slammed together harshly. Consider why you are shouting – perhaps it’s because of a loud and busy newsroom, or maybe you are going slightly deaf…? If you are tempted to pick up some part time work say behind a bar where you have to raise your voice to be heard, you may want to think of another job that will put less strain on your folds. Try and speak less, and less harshly and to take regular mini-breaks.


Smoking - In the past some people took up smoking to achieve a deeper, arguably sexier pitch. It seemed to work for many of them… but also made them less able to breathe deeply, created a wheezing exhalation, and promoted lung and laryngeal cancer. A shortness of breath led to a short career… and there’s nothing alluring about cancerous cords. The tar in cigarettes affects the vocal folds and lungs, causes irritation and inflammation and makes them less efficient. Vaping causes hot steam to be drawn in. That alone could be harmful to your folds, but add in the additional artificial flavourings and something else that’s best avoided.

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