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0765 – How Snoring May Be Causing Voice Problems

Season 3, Ep. 765

2023.02.04 – 0765 – How Snoring May Be Causing Voice Problems


Mouth breathing and snoring - can dry your vocal folds (as we saw previously, part of the job the nostrils have is to humidify the air as it enters your body). Although it’s OK to take gasps of air through your mouth as you speak, try to otherwise inhale through your nose. That’s especially true at night otherwise for many hours you will have dry, unfiltered air passing your larynx. If you sleep on your back, you’re especially prone to such ‘bad breathing’; try to consciously sleep with a closed mouth and consider having a humidifier in your room. It’s almost obvious to say that if you have a problem, either short or long-term, with breathing through your nose you should consult a specialist. Not only is it a case that ‘the nose knows best’ when it comes to inhalation, but it also is one of the resonators of the voice which helps create a nicer, warmer, fuller sound. Oh, and it’s always good not to just rely on your mouth for your breathing needs, and to have a fully working backup!


Rest – a good night’s sleep will help your entire body as well as your voice. If you are well rested then your brain will be sharp and you will make fewer mistakes and so will be more confident and will sound better. Your session will take less long and so will have less time to get tired! 

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