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0758 – The Importance Of Voice Naps

Season 3, Ep. 758

2023.01.28 – 0758 – The Importance Of Voice Naps  


If you are using your voice a lot, try and schedule some specific ‘voice naps’ into your day, where you don’t talk for 5-15 minutes at a time on several occasions throughout the day. By taking ‘voice naps’ you can top up your ‘voice battery’. This may mean:

·        Planning your schedule – spread out your vocal tasks, so for example taking a break from bulk-recording several podcasts in a row  

·        Planning your pauses - scheduling your ‘vocal naps’ so you don’t miss them. In a studio, ask for a break yourself, or take any break that’s offered to you; don’t be a hero by ‘powering through’. Most sessions will last 45 minutes or so before a break is taken, with a studio director determining that ‘right now’ is the best time. That may be because they are sensing tension, they need a quiet word with a colleague, they know that there’s a long page of dialogue coming up … all sorts of reasons. A break will rest you mentally, physically and vocally. Don’t use it as a chance to hunch over a mobile screen or make some calls.

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