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0757 – Outside Elements Damaging Your Voice

Season 3, Ep. 757

2023.01.27 – 0757 – Outside Elements Damaging Your Voice  


As well as external environmental issues such as:

·        Air humidity - dry air is thought to increase the stress on the vocal folds, so beware of studio air conditioning. Anything that cools it down or warms it up can dry out the air.

·        Hydration - dehydration may increase the effects of stress on the folds


Keeping an eye on how your ‘vocal battery’ is can be difficult for a working radio or tv presenter who will spend much of their day on the phone setting up guests, discussing stories in editorial meetings and talking with office colleagues, before rushing into a studio and going on-air. For home podcasters and YouTubers some of these issues are obviously less of a problem, but you may have other considerations which also put a strain on your voice such as talking with the family or raising your voice to the children.

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