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0752 – Hydrate to Sound Great. Here’s Why…

Season 3, Ep. 752

2023.01.22 – 0752 – Hydrate to Sound Great. Here’s Why…

The more dehydrated you are:

·        The drier the cords

·        The poorer the quality of your voice

·        The less you will get from each breath

·        The shorter the time you can talk or sing

·        The more likely it is that you will get a hoarse voice

·        The more likely it will be that you have weird mouth noises, clicks and sucks

·        The more difficult it will be to clearly articulate, resulting in more verbal trips, increased mental anxiety and skeletal tension.

So, hydrate to sound great![1]

[1] A dry mouth could be an early warning sign for serious illnesses including diabetes, stroke and even HIV.

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