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0702 – At The End Of An Audiobook Recording

Season 2, Ep. 702

2022.12.03 – 0702 – At The End Of An Audiobook Recording


When recording

Finish each session at an appropriate point in the plot – that’s usually at the end of a section, chapter or scene. It’s here that you can resolve the piece with an appropriate tone.


At the start of the next session, listen to some of the previous audio before you start recording to get into a likely same style, pace and rhythm and keep consistency, albeit with a new ‘narrational tone’ to reset the storyline at the start of the new chapter or Part.


A new chapter is always likely to be where the author has started a new part of the story arc, a new day, a new viewpoint and so on, so always note what shift has taken place and create a fresh tone to reflect this.

Be aware that your performance will naturally be likely to change each day and during the day (morning, afternoon, after lunch and so on) depending on your vocal health, vocal stamina, diet, hydration and so on. Try and keep a high consistency for fluency and easy editing and listening. 

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