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0697 – Potential Problems When Voicing Audiobook Characters

Season 2, Ep. 697

2022.11.28 – 0697 – Potential Problems When Voicing Audiobook Characters

A potential problem - When you create a very distinctive voice for a minor character, who then has a greater role than you’d anticipated! Maybe you’ve developed a deep, gravelly, heavily-accented voice for a few lines, and then in book two of the series, that character is the lead… your vocal health is in trouble!

Male and female voices - Don’t worry too much about reading a male role if you’re female and vice versa. Nothing will sound worse than putting on a ‘fake’ falsetto or forcing your voice into a deep growl. After all, you will be reading the lines of ‘real’ people, not some cartoon characters. Instead, make their voice more about an aspect of their attitude. We’ve looked at this before: a sassy character may talk faster and with a lighter pitch and a slightly arrogant tone for example. A character whose trait is mild-mannered may speak slower, more quietly and with a softer tone.

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0764 – How Meds Can Hurt Not Help Your Voice

Season 3, Ep. 764
 2023.02.03 – 0764 – How Meds Can Hurt Not Help Your Voice Medications – Again, sticky-sweet, tongue colour-changing over-the-counter lozenges do not touch your vocal cords. Although they might have a placebo effect (you feel as though they are helping, and so your confidence returns), the ones with anaesthetic or numbing properties may actually be causing further damage, giving you a false sense that everything’s OK. Instead, focus on the root cause of your vocal fatigue by practising with a vocal routine. Other medications can affect your voice too:·        Inhalers and steroid sprays·        Antihistamines (such as hay fever remedies) can also dehydrate·        Antibiotics·        Antidepressants ·        Oral contraceptives ·        The menthol in some cold remedies may be an irritant ·        Decongestant meds for nose and throat problems often work by drying out the local tissues. That’s obviously not good news. If you have a cold and a subsequently blocked nose, you may have a dried-out nose caused by your meds and a dried-out mouth caused by having to use it for breathing. Therefore, it’s essential that you take plenty of fluids. Alternative medication may include:·        water, gargling and sleep are free·        steam – is cheap·        mindfulness – takes just minutes·        warm pineapple juice – some find that this can help soothe a throat