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Slowdown? This Airbnb Host Is Seeing Record-Breaking Revenues!

Ep. 552

Many of the short-term rental hosts in our student groups reported a slowdown in bookings at the start of 2023.


But that trend did not apply to Kimone Campbell. In fact, she had a record-breaking month in January!


What is she doing to drive more bookings?


Kimone is Founder and CEO of Adasa Properties, Orlando Luxury Stays and Kissimmee Luxury Stays.


Kimone bought her first two short-term rental properties in March of 2020 and has expanded to a portfolio of 13 units generating $500K in revenue in just three years.


On this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, Kimone joins me to explain how a real estate coaching program inspired her interest in short-term rentals and where she gets the drive to take action fast in her Airbnb business.


Kimone discusses how AI tools empower STR hosts to up our marketing game, describing how she’s using ChatGPT to create marketing campaigns for past guests and generate social media content quickly.


Listen in for Kimone’s advice to up-and-coming Airbnb hosts around investing in coaching and learn how to leverage new technology to drive more bookings in your STR business!


Topics Covered

  • How a coaching program in real estate investment inspired Kimone to start a STR business
  • What working on a cruise ship taught Kimone about customer service and managing teams
  • How Kimone’s business has grown to 13 properties and $500K in revenue in just 3 years
  • How Kimone is using ChatGPT to write email marketing campaigns for past guests
  • The challenge Airbnb hosts face in creating consistent content and how we might use AI to overcome it
  • How to Leverage ChatGPT to plan a monthly social media calendar and write daily posts
  • How to make the content generated by artificial intelligence unique to your personality
  • How ChatGPT empowers Airbnb hosts to up our game when it comes to marketing
  • How Kimone is establishing herself as an expert in the Florida market through Facebook groups
  • Where Kimone gets the drive to implement new information fast in her STR business
  • Kimone’s advice to up-and-coming STR hosts around joining networks and investing in coaching
  • Why Kimone would acquire more properties faster if she could go back to her first year in business

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