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Forget BNBBUST, We’re Going All-In on STRs

Ep. 539

#BNBBUST has been trending on social media since the fall of 2022.


But does the slight downturn in the short-term rental market really indicate a bubble about to burst?


On this episode of STR Conversations, Eric and I continue our discussion of what we learned in 2022, explaining why we’re all-in on short-term rentals regardless of what the YouTube gurus say.


Eric shares his commitment to believe in our STR product and fight like hell for his people, and we explore the benefit of taking days to fully disconnect from the day-to-day of your STR business.


Listen in for insight on navigating the ups and downs of the Airbnb market and learn how to take advantage of the massive opportunity for hosts who are all-in on developing a unique hospitality brand in 2023!


Topics Covered

  • What we learned from losing a powerful team member to another opportunity
  • What it means to believe in the STR product you provide
  • What happens when you allow doubt to dictate your decision-making
  • How to get to a place where you feel confident about your Airbnb business
  • The benefit of celebrating your wins and recognizing the impact you make on the world
  • Why it’s crucial to take days where you fully disconnect from the day-to-day of your business
  • Why list-it-and-forget-it is a thing of the past as the STR market matures
  • The massive opportunity for hosts developing unique hospitality brands
  • Why a slight decline in consistent growth doesn’t necessarily indicate a bubble burst
  • How to navigate the ups and downs of the STR business
  • What Airbnb business models are most affected by a downturn in the market



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