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Charge Premium Rates by Hosting Bachelorette Parties

Ep. 509

"Girls Just Want to Have Fun" and bachelorette weekends are an expanding short-term rental niche where you can charge premium rates and make bank.


But they can also come with some very BIG drawbacks.


So, how can you set the right expectations from the start so you can tap into the lucrative ‘girls trip’ market without ending up with noise complaints and destroyed property?


STR investor Kent He saw the demand for bachelorette trips in Scottsdale, Arizona, so he studied the data, took a chance, and jumped in—a move that paid off! Now, he's using his influence in the STR space to advocate for the development of affordable housing for all.


On this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, Kent joins me to talk about why it's vital to have a niche to be successful in the Airbnb space today and how his bachelorette-themed properties are skyrocketing his revenue.


We discuss how he gathered the data to make his properties a success and the role the Get Paid For Your Pad podcast played in helping him determine when the time was right to focus full-time on his short-term rentals.


He'll share why paying attention to the smallest details makes the most impact in the girl getaway niche and how to bring your vision for your properties to life to give your guests an unforgettable 5-star experience.


Listen in as Kent shares the 4 questions he uses to screen out problematic guests and the policies you must have in place if you want to successfully host girls weekends at your Airbnb properties. Plus, how a beauty bar and a Peloton bike help them attract right guest avatar.


Topics Covered

  • Why you need a niche to be successful in the Airbnb space today
  • How Kent’s company uses their property names and images to draw in guest
  • How over-delivering on the small details delivers the best experience possible for all girl getaways
  • The 4 questions Kent and his team use to vet their guests (and screen out problems)
  • The critical policies you need in place if you want to host bachelorette parties
  • The life-changing thing Kent learned from listening to the Get Paid for Your Pad podcast
  • How Kent and his team are using their Airbnb listings to debunk the myths and expand their mission for affordable housing for all

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Ep. 538
More people are living a digital nomad lifestyle or working remotely while on the go making Wi-Fi connectivity front of mind to make those vital business connections and close deals. Plus, more people are investing in family travel experiences, and at the end of a day of adventures, they want to come together to unwind by streaming their favorite TV shows or movies. All these things are making internet connectivity and reliability a top priority when booking a place to stay for today's STR guests. So, how can you assure your guests that your property's internet performance fits the bill for their lifestyle and connectivity needs? Philip Pickard is the Co-founder & CEO of Speedy, Wi-Fi verification. Speedy is a global company offering Wi-Fi verification tools designed to enable remote workers, travelers, and world explorers to accurately assess internet connectivity when booking a STR property while helping hosts increase customer satisfaction for more bookings. Today on Get Paid for Your Pad, Philip joins Jasper to discuss the genesis behind Speedy and the pain points that led to their quest to solve Wi-Fi connectivity issues. Listen in to learn how hosts share real-time Wi-Fi data to their direct booking website (or Airbnb listings) to get a leg up on the competition and attract those travelers with bandwidth requirements for more bookings and repeat guests. Great news! The Speedy Team will waive the installation fee if you mention Get Paid for Your Pad when you contact them. Click here to fill out the contact form on their website or reach out to Philip via email. Topics Covered The two-pronged reason why Speedy jumped into this marketHow to get the full story on the reliability of Wi-Fi in today's digital worldHow Wi-Fi data drives the STR property selection processHow Speedy offers real-time location-based Wi-Fi data for your propertiesHow you can use your Wi-Fi rating to attract travelers with bandwidth requirementsJasper provides a live demo of Speedy on Get Paid For Your Pad YouTube ChannelWhy you should add your Wi-Fi data to your Airbnb listingsHow to use your Wi-Fi data to protect against refund requestsThe 3 biggest benefits of the Speedy serviceConnect with Philip Pickard Philip Pickard - Co-founder & CEO - Speedy Wi-Fi | LinkedInSpeedy - Wi-Fi verification for rental propertiesResourcesGet Speedy - Waive the Installation FeeGet Paid For Your Pad on YouTubeLegends X STR AcceleratorSubscribe to GPFYP on Apple Podcasts FREE Airbnb Starter GuideOvernight SuccessEmail