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Gentleman Jack Historical Nightcap - Anniana - A Saga of Sapphic Ennui Part IV

Season 1, Ep. 7.68

Welcome back friends! We're so glad to see you've made it this far. In this 4th #HistoricalNightcap installment of the Anniana saga, we cover the two very tumultuous years of 1820-1821. As Anne's eyes wander, Mariana intensifies her pleas for fidelity, and poor Isabella never can say goodbye to Miss Lister or her kisses. We also cover the arrival of the infamous "complaint" and when Anne and Mariana decide to take the sacrament together. Join us with a drink of your choosing for this next chapter of the epic grubble melodrama, that is Anne Lister's life.

Like last time, we've included a detailed chapter list below with time stamps and dates for each entry referenced, and as always, we love to hear from you. Feel free to reach out and follow us on all the things for daily talk of grubbling @gentlemancrack @gentlemanjackcrack

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Chapter Marks:

0:23 - 1820

0:47 - Feb 9th: Anne tries to make Mariana jealous

5:57 - Feb 17th: Anne tries to convince herself of Mariana's commitment

8:56 - March 18th: Anne fights with Tib and compares her to Mariana

12:29 - April 2nd: Anne sees Miss Browne in church with Mariana

14:45 - April 3rd: We find out what type of women Mariana finds threatening

16:58 - April 4th: Mariana reads some of Anne's old entries

19:48 - April 5th: Mariana chastises Anne for flirting

22:21 - April 10th: Mariana implores Anne to be faithful

24:11 - April 13th: More pleas from Mariana for faithfulness

25:39 - May 1st: The Walkers thrown to the four corners willy nilly

28:25 - June 7th: An urgent letter from Mariana after a death

30:48 - August 30th: Anne clarifies what she didn't promise to Mariana

33:00 - August 31st: Anne makes petty notes for her account

34:41 - 1821

35:06 - January 7th: Anne gives the code to Mary Vallance

36:49 - Jan 29th: Anne burns all traces of male admiration

38:36 - Feb 8th: Anne writes affectionately to Mariana after the Gay Games of Langton Hall

42:58 - Feb 12th: Anne gets a letter from Anne Belcombe

44:30 - Feb 14th: Anne writes about finding kinship in a book

46:16 - March 9th: Anne writes about Mariana's 5th wedding anniversary

47:04 - June 12th: Baby gay Ann Walker chases her future wife

50:14 - June 13th: Anne reconsiders her "promise" and honor

51:20 - Fri July 20th: Mariana is nervous to see Anne again for reasons

56:26 - July 22-23nd: Anne sees Mariana and gets a complaint

57:58 - July 28-29th: Anne and Mariana decide to take the sacrament

59:55 - August 4th: Anne talks to Steph about her complaint

1:01:35 - Oct 25-26th: Tib visits and leaves with something other than a kiss

1:02:58 - Dec 16-17: Mrs Belcombe shades Anne during a visit

1:07:32 - Ending with the year with thoughts and tangents

1:12:15 - Closing out with a forecast of drama to come

1:22:44 - Final Toasts

1:27:03 - END OF PART IV

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