WNDR Alpine’s 20/21 Lineup with Matt Sterbenz, Pep Fujas, & Xan Marshland

Ep. 109

Matt Sterbenz, Pep Fujas, and Xan Marshland came to Crested Butte and sat down with us in Blister HQ to fill us in on WNDR Alpine’s new materials, new updates to the Intention 110, and their brand new ski, the Vital 100. And you’ll also hear some stories about Matt and Pep competing in slopestyle events against each other back in the day, and more.

To learn more about the WNDR Alpine backstory, check out these other conversations we’ve had with them:


  • WNDR Alpine’s background (6:55)
  • What’s been easy, what’s been hard? (16:54)
  • Greenwashing (19:47)
  • Updates to the Intention 110 (30:01)
  • New Vital 100 (41:27)
  • Vital 120? (45:57)
  • Fujas vs. Sterbenz in slopestyle comps (50:40)
  • More on the Vital 100 (56:55)
  • The WNDR Roost event (1:01:19)

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