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A Guide to Skiing in New Zealand with Outside Sports

Ep. 260

Have you ever dreamt about skiing in New Zealand? Well, in this episode, Kara Williard talks with local Kiwi experts, John Knight and Darren Grimmett, from our Blister Recommended Shop, Outside Sports, to give us the rundown on what skiing in this Southern Hemisphere destination entails, and how to make the most of it.

We discuss the best gear for the conditions and terrain in NZ; the difference between ski fields and club fields; backcountry skiing and heliskiing; plus all the other things you can enjoy while in New Zealand, including eating the best meat pies, biking, hiking, and being around some of the genuinely nicest people.


John and Darren’s backgrounds (5:02)

Outside Sports’ humble beginnings (11:15)

Gear Trends in NZ (18:18)

Skis for Variable Conditions (24:50)

Getting to New Zealand & Ski Fields vs. Club Fields (27:04)

Backcountry Skiing & Heliskiing (33:18)

Getting Around (40:04)

More than just skiing (42:51)

Best Gear for NZ (47:22)

Heavier BC Gear for a Reason (48:51)

Ski Season Itch (54:26)

Crashes & Close Calls (56:56)


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  • 269. Giray Dadali on the new Daymaker Touring TEKDAPTERS

    A very intriguing — and extremely affordable — new piece of ski-touring gear has just been released, and you ought to know about it. So on our latest GEAR:30 episode, Jonathan talks with Giray Dadali, a pro skier, engineer, ski designer, and founder of Daymaker Touring, about their new product, TEKDAPTERS, that allow you to ski tour using a pin-tech toe on the way up, then click into your DIN-certified alpine binding of choice on the way down.Giray and I dive deep into the design, materials, weight, compatibility, and rationale for this new product, and we think you’ll agree that it represents an intriguing new offering in the world of ski-touring gear.TOPICS & TIMES:When was this idea born? (6:17)Giray’s Background (8:59)Who’s It For? (11:52)TEKDAPTERS vs Original Daymaker (17:48)“Field Goal” guide rails (26:52)Universal Compatibility (31:47)Materials & Design (35:18)User-Error-Avoidance Tips (43:48)Locked-Out Pins & Avalanche DangerUsing the Right Tool for the Job (54:42)Crashes & Close Calls (1:02:20)Where & When can you get TEKDAPTERS? (1:12:37)RELATED LINKS:Episode Sponsor: Zimmermans Ski & SnowboardVideo: Ski Binding Designs with Giray, Hoji, & Lars Chickering-AyersGet Yourself Covered: Become a BLISTER+ MemberCHECK OUT OUR OTHER PODCASTS:Off The CouchBikes & Big IdeasBlister PodcastCRAFTED
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  • 267. A Very Deep Dive on Bootfitting, Pt. 5: Debunking Bootfitting Myths & Misconceptions

    Kara Williard sat down with Jake “Fasa” Nelson from the Moment Factory Store to clear up some of the most common bootfitting myths and misconceptions, including the idea that ski boots have to be cold and uncomfortable; why adding forward lean to a boot might not help someone get more forward over their skis; why *everyone* (not just experts) will benefit from a well-fit ski boot and custom insoles; how picking the “right” boot can’t fix all your problems, and more. We also discuss why these myths are so prevalent in the first place; provide tips on how to shop for a ski boot this season; realistic expectations you should have for a ski boot, and much more.TOPICS & TIMES Where do these misconceptions come from? (3:10)Myth 1 - Boots = Uncomfortable (6:16)Myth 2 - Boots = Cold (10:04)Myth 3 - Body Position & Forward Lean (15:44)Myth 4 - Boot Stiffness Debunked (28:31)Myth 5 - Skier Type (34:49)Myth 6 - Custom Insoles (41:23)Expectations vs. Reality (59:32)The Boot, Binding, & Ski equation (1:07:50)How to Shop for Boots (1:16:21)Crashes & Close Calls (1:24:27)RELATED LINKS:Ep.221: A Very Deep Dive on Bootfitting, Pt. 4: Big-Mountain Freeride Bootfitting with FasaBlister Recommended Shop: Moment Factory Store Blister Recommended Shops Become a BLISTER+ MemberBlister Summit 2024CHECK OUT OUR OTHER PODCASTS:Off The CouchBikes & Big IdeasBlister PodcastCRAFTED
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    In our latest edition of GEAR THERAPY, Luke and Jonathan talk with Blister Member, Giovanni Saccarola (an Italian living in Switzerland), about his ski quiver, ski boots, and ski boot liner options.TOPICS & TIMES:Giovanni: most interesting man in the world? (8:25)Blizzard Zero G 95 (17:03)Height / Weight (23:09)Bindings & Pairing Down His Quiver (26:09)ATK Free Raiders (28:50)Giovanni’s Current Quiver (32:27)Black Crows Atris (36:184th ski (38:10)Tecnica Cochise 130 & Liners (47:20)Crashes and Close Calls (1:00:28)RELATED LINKS:Episode Sponsor: Bag BalmEpisode Sponsor: OpenSnowBecome a BLISTER+ MemberBlister Summit 2024CHECK OUT OUR OTHER PODCASTS:Off The CouchBikes & Big IdeasBlister PodcastCRAFTED