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How SegMetrics Saved a Company from Losing 80% of Their Leads in One Email with Founder Keith Perhac

Season 5, Ep. 15

Every marketer’s dream is to be able to track every move of their customers. SegMetric have made that a reality.

On this episode of the Garlic Marketing Show, Keith Perhac, the CEO and Founder of SegMetrics, talks about how he and his team saved 80% of their client’s leads that could have gone down the drain.

What You’ll Learn:

  • TO THE RESCUE: How They Saved 80% Of Their Client’s Leads
  • How to do it: Analyzing How, Where, and When You Messed Up
  • “Marketing is Putting Your Product In Front of the Right People At the RIght Time”
  • The Purpose of the ‘We F***** Up’ Email
  • The Billboard Effect

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