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How to Build a Company with a Stable, Predictable, and Transferrable Cashflow with Ryan Tansom

Season 5, Ep. 17

Sometimes business owners focus on marketing so much that they tend to forget that they also need to pay attention to the numbers if they still want to be profitable by the end of the day.

On this episode of the Garlic Marketing Show, Ryan Tansom, the Co-Founder of Arkona LLC, shares with us the importance of the numbers behind marketing.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to build a valuable business
  • Why you should be focusing on cash flow that is SUSTAINABLE, PREDICTABLE, and TRANSFERABLE
  • Building a marketing plan based on your profitability
  • Approaching things with careful thought: Why you shouldn’t be firing your cannonballs before your bullets
  • The Baby Boomer’s generational problem

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