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The “No Ads, No Content” Method to Quickly Becoming a Trusted Authority with Dov Gordon

Season 4, Ep. 2

Ian Garlic sits down with Dov Gordon, CEO & President of While trying to find a way to support his family, Dov decided to become a business coach. For years, he learned from others and climbed his way up. This lead him to starting his own community, the JVMM.


In this episode, Dov and Ian talk about the concept of alchemy groups and how they turn leads into gold. Dov also shares the key steps to creating a successful group and how it can make you a leader in your industry.  

What You’ll Learn:
  • Turning Leads into Gold with Alchemy Groups
  • The Three Keys to a Successful Group
  • First Steps to Started a Group
  • Deciding on Your Type of Network
  • How to Become an ‘Under the Radar’ Leader

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