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Bob Burg: How to Sell More by Being a Go-Giver

Season 5, Ep. 9

As you sit across the desk from your client in the middle of a sales pitch, it is common that salespeople tend to focus on closing the sale ASAP. Although this is intuitive, it may make you appear insincere and uninterested in your client’s actual needs. So how do you go around that?

In this podcast, our host Ian Garlic and special guest Bob Burg, the author of the Go-Giver series, talked about their personal experience on switching from being a “Go-Getter” to a “Go-Giver” and how doing so helped them close more sales than ever!

What You’ll Learn:
  • How being a "Go-Giver" is the best sales tactic yet
  • The human nature of self-interest
  • Reprogramming your mind to be a Go-Giver
  • What it means to be AUTHENTIC

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