Fuelling the transition


S1E5 | Rethinking electricity markets with the Energy Systems Catapult

Season 1, Ep. 5

Decarbonisation, decentralisation and digitalisation are driving a profound change in Great Britain’s electricity resource mix. The market needs to provide clear signals about the most efficient way to operate and develop the system, yet the shifts in the resource mix will change the dynamics of how signals are formed and may highlight weaknesses in the current market design.

AFRY Management Consulting have been working with the Energy Systems Catapult on their Rethinking Electricity Markets initiative, which is developing proposals for reforming electricity markets so that they best enable innovative, efficient, whole energy system decarbonisation.

In this episode George Day and Sarah Keay-Bright, from the Energy Systems Catapult, and Gareth Davies, Director at AFRY Management Consulting, join us to discuss a potential framework for electricity market design.

Read the full report: https://afry.com/en/newsroom/news/rethinking-electricity-market-design-time-change-in-changing-times

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