Fuelling the transition


S1E4 | Digital utility transformation with Martin Graf, CFO of Energie Steiermark

Season 1, Ep. 4

Developments in digitalisation give companies endless opportunities to improve their existing operations and develop new business models. Often organisations find it easy to think of many ways to use this technology, but much more challenging to keep track of all the activity and share findings across the organisation.

Energie Steiermark is a large energy company in Austria that sees digitalisation as being crucial to its future success. In the last 12 months it has launched over 50 digitalisation projects, over half of which have already reached operation.

In this episode Martin Graf, CFO of Energie Steiermark, and Wolfgang Pospischil, Director at AFRY Management Consulting, share more about the methodology that was used to enable Energie Steiermark’s digital transformation.

Find out more about the AFRY Digital Use Case Approach: https://afry.com/en/service/afry-digital-use-case-approach

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