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From a Place of Reality

The Kingdom Invitation

Ep. 163

The invitation of our Father is ongoing, not one and done.

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  • 165. Freedom to be Yoked

    Every word that Jesus spoke was an invitation to His kingdom.
  • 164. Come and See

    Religious thinking is the theft of the glory of God. It will REPEL people, not invite them to receive it.
  • 162. Made for Power

    We are made to manifest the power of God. The desire to be powerful is a HOLY desire.
  • 161. Belief in His Goodness

    The Spirit moves in an atmosphere of belief. Fear inspires the welcoming of idols. Complaining is the fruit of unbelief.
  • 160. The Truth About Grace

    The fire of Grace can be pretty painful, but it is the living power of God to transform us into the carriers of the Kingdom.
  • 159. Freedom in Truth

    God gives you Truth for yourself, not to apply to others. Truth only holds the power for freedom when it's acting on YOU. He gives us Truth because he is ever preparing His bride. He is making us into people who can hold greater and greater weights of His anointing.
  • 158. Anointing Through Community

    There's no such thing as being called by Jesus and without being called to a high calling... It's not for you though. It's for the profit of everybody else. The joy of participation, THAT's for you.Scripture this week:1 Corinthians 10:1-13:13Luke 4:20-22.
  • 157. Return to Calling

    The calling of the Lord is that we host two things: the Presence of God, and the sacred presence of OTHERS.Scripture this week:John 6:51-68Romans 11:29, 12:9-131 Kings 18:18-19:18