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  • 61. Podcast Episode 61 - Sheridan Voysey

    This episode features author and presenter Sheridan Voysey and they explore and discuss life in general as well as Sheridan's latest book release. Be sure to tune in and also catch up with Joe and Dan as they talk about the music industry, random stuff and Christmas of all things.

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  • Amp'd Interview 40 feat. Sarah Kroger

    A worship release caught out attention recently. Sarah Kroger's debut album with Integrity, Bloom, showed up in our inbox last month with a long list of production and co-writer credits that we couldn't ignore including our friends Ross King, PJ Anderson, Audrey Assad, and Josh Blakesley. That was intriguing enough for us to give the album a spin. It certainly didn't disappoint.We invited Sarah to join us to chat about Bloom, her faith journey, and her go-to self-case regimen. She was an absolute delight, and we have no doubt that you'll love the interview.Also, since we mentioned Ross King, he just released an excellent single, "Things That I'm Afraid Of". It elegantly and - well - overtly addresses emotional health in the context of the Kingdom and the Gospel. Considering that May is mental health awareness month, we decided to share a quick snippet of it with you.We encourage you to support both artists and their recent releases.
  • 60. Podcast Episode 60 - Travis Thrasher

    In our 60th episode, we reconnect with one of our favorite guests, author Travis Thrasher. His latest work American Omens is garnering a lot of interest and critical praise. Travis shares the remarkable and unique story of how this taut piece of fiction came to be and his hopes for potential sequels (keep your fingers crossed).Of course, also don't miss the ridiculous banter between Dan and Joe discussing, amongst other things, the value of beards and Joe's side project on the Worship Ministry Catalyst podcast...LinksWebsite |
  • 59. Podcast Episode 59 - Krissy Nordhoff

    Our first full episode of the year, and what better way than to share an excellent conversation with the most wonderful Krissy Nordhoff. Recording on Halloween (!), we learn about her faith background, her songwriting mentors, and her wonderful worship ministry, Brave Worship. Make sure to check out her songwriting quiz and worship songwriting course.Speaking of the songwriting quiz, Joe took and discovered he's a Content writer. Don't know that that means? Well, take the test and you'll learn about each of the 7 Songwriter Personality Types. Do it!LinksWebsite | Quiz | Course | Worship |
  • Song Response - Sing Forever by PJ Anderson

    Joe Brookhouse and Dan Thomson do a live song response and review of PJ Anderson's latest song "Sing Forever".For more information about Frequency.FM, visit http://www.frequency.fmGet PJ Anderson's music at
  • 39. Amp'd Interview 39 - World Embrace with Reynold and Kathy Mainse

    Dan recently had the opportunity to speak with Reynold and Kathy Mainse about their co-founded ministry called World Embrace. World Embrace is a non-profit organization that works with leaders to develop unity within a region. Unity grows an environment of peace and stability, which fuels community development and poverty relief.Reynold and Kathy Mainse, left their life of television ministry with 100 Huntley Street to focus their attention on cultivating unity within the Body of Christ. ​ In 2007 and 2008, the Mainse's pioneered an event called Heaven's Rehearsal, a gathering in Toronto where the church gathered together to worship Jesus. Many Christ centered denominations attended, 140+ countries were represented. It was a glimpse into what heaven will be like in all its diversity.​When leaders in Uganda saw the diverse group worshiping together in peace and unity, they invited the Mainse's to come to Uganda to help bring unity in the shadow of the LRA insurgency. ​Reynold and Kathy have been working full time in Uganda since January 2015. The team, reach and impact has grown ever since. For more information, visit:
  • 39. Ampd Interview 38 - Dr. Ramona Returns

    We welcome back the wonderful Dr. Ramona to continue our conversation about her book Healing Well. Her insight is an excellent, invaluable resource that we hope you both enjoy and share.