Grow Bud Yourself!


Grow Bud Yourself Episode 110

There must be some kinda way to grow some weed, said the joker to the thief. If there's too much confusion, listen to episode 110 of Grow Bud Yourself to get some relief...

First, Danny and Mike reveal the latest GBY/Seeds Here Now seed giveaway and discuss recent cannabis news from New York, Arizona and New Hampshire (07:38). 

The interview is with Rami Vardi, founder of 818 Brands, who discusses his journey in the cannabis cultivation industry beginning in 2005, scaling up from boutique shipping containers to 5,000 light facilities and helping bring Tikum Olam to California as well as founding the brands Stealth Grow & Spectrum King LED (21:18).  

The cultivation segment features Danny's Spring Planting Guide, plus answers to listener grow questions (48:50). 

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