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Brooke S. Sinclair, Velour Imports

Ep. 7

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Brooke Sinclair has a great job: take tasty, unique beverages from independent, craft brands, and bring them to eager taste buds around the world. She has a unique background: a family engineering heritage (she’s a self-professed tech ‘nerd’), theater, non-profit, and corporate logistics. She’s also a vibrant member of the startup community as an alum of Founder Institute and a Scout for Female Founded Club.

In this podcast episode, Dan spoke with Brooke about her startup Velour Imports - a company developing technology to bring craft brands from your local neighborhood across the planet. The conversation ranged across many topics, including of course the wonderful origin story of Velour. What else did they cover? Listen in and find out!

Notable Interview Highlights

Brooke and Dan talked about her startup journey, as well as:

  • How religion contributed to Velour’s beginnings
  • being trapped in an airport for 7 days
  • whether Brooke gets to sample the beers she exports
  • A shout out to MS DOS


Brooke on LinkedIn:

Velour Imports company site:

or check them out on Twitter:



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