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Stella Ashaolu, WeSolv

Ep. 1

Founders Unfound host Dan Kihanya catches up with Stella Ashaolu, founder and CEO of WeSolv. Based in Chicago, WeSolv uses performance data and predictive analytics to help companies reduce bias and hire a more diverse workforce.

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2020 Updates Episode PART 1

OUR SPONSORS FOR THIS EPISODE:Founders Livethe global venue for entrepreneurs to experience events, content, and community.Check outfounderslive.comto join and to find a live event streaming from your city.In this episode:We review 2020 and where our past guests are collectivelyUpdates from 7 previous guest foundersInsights on COVID-19's impact for: business, employees, fundraisingFor our last episode of the year, we've brought together a handful of founders from our first 20 plus episodes. In this two-parter, we cover everything from fundraising, and running a business, to motivating employees, to finding time for self care and mental health. All against the backdrop of Coronavirus, George Floyd, and a climate of political tension.Thanks to Kala, Marcus, Kwame Claudius, Bara, Kameale and Wole for catching us up and reflecting on this historic year that is 2020.Make sure to listen in.EPISODE GUESTSBara: you can help: stay tuned for 2021Kala: you can help: refer clients who need help managing water infrastructure not connected to the gridKameale: you can help: looking for investorsto close out their seed roundKwame & Claudius: you can help: referrals to rental hostsin Phoenix, Scottsdale, or you can help: become a Flikshop you can help: refer clients who docross-border financial transaction settlementsFollow Founders Unfound: Like and share - help us grow!PODCAST TRANSCRIPT