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PREVIEW: Tiffany Kelly Curastory

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Tiffany Kelly is founder and CEO of Curastory, a company that makes it easy to get started in video. They allow creators to upload, edit, find a sponsor, and distribute video with one click to their social channels, all 100% free. Curastory is launching with a target market where they have a monopoly and recent national approval - professional and NCAA student athletes. And Tiffany is fresh off raising her pre-seed round using crowdfunding!

FULL EPISODE drops August 13th!

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Su Sanni Dollaride

OUR SPONSORS FOR THIS EPISODE:VertueLaba nonprofit fighting climate change by providing funding and holistic entrepreneurial support to cleantech startups.This September their annual summit, Fuel 2020, is going digital, spanning over two weeks with short events every day.At Fuel 2020 you'll connect with future-focused entrepreneurs, investors, researchers and more.Founders Unfound listeners: Use the code FOUNDERSFRIEND for 20% off your ticket.Learn more at 2020fuel.orgThe PlugCheck it out ; Use code UNFOUND to save $10 on our annual subscription.In this episode Su and Dan discussed:His baby son (who joined us in the background)Going from Brooklyn to the CA coast for high schoolHaving dollar van entrepreneurs in his familyAgency v. serendipity (aka making it happen vs. luck)What he learned from startups #1 and #2Why he chose crowdfundingEpisode Shout Outs:Cate SchoolBoy's Club of New York43NorthWeDidItRepublicGrowing up, Su Sanni thought he was going to be a doctor. Once out of college, it was music entrepreneur. Then the world of sales came calling. Su believes all these experiences and aspirations led him to where he ended up...a tech startup founder. His first company: folded. The second, WeDidIt: acquired. So now he's back at it for a 3rd time, with his biggest vision yet.Su (short for Sulaiman) Sanni is Co-founder and CEO of Dollaride, a mobility company for communities that are under-served by public transit. Su points out that there are over 100 Billion trips globally every year facilitated by informal transit systems. These informal alternatives arose to fill the 'transit deserts' left under supported by formal, public transportation options.Yet, within the informal transit ecosystem, there aren't tools to efficiently match rider demand with the supply of drivers and vehicles. Dollaride wants to change that with their new app. They are starting in Su's backyard - the boroughs of New York City. And they are working with the well-known dollar vans who canvas the areas 'between' the subway stops. Guess where the company got its name?Su is our second founder in a row who is crushing his fund-raise using crowdfunding!Listen in to hear his story.MORE on SU AND DOLLARIDESU:@TheSuSanni [TW] Grind Fireside ChatDOLLARIDE:@Dollaride [TW]@Dollaride [IG] Founders Unfound: Like and share - help us grow!PODCAST TRANSCRIPT