Founders Unfound


PREVIEW: Dr. Kala Fleming,

Dr. Fleming is co-founder and CEO of and SMAJI, a company using AI to address water scarcity.

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Kistein Monkhouse Patient Orator

OUR SPONSOR FOR THIS EPISODE:BLCK VC, a focused community built for and by black investors.If you ever thought about getting into Venture, you definitely want to connect up atblackvc.comorfollow @BLCKVC for more about their exceptional programs and events.In this episode Kistein and Dan discussed:Her childhood dream to change the worldHow she became a New YorkerHer inspiration from OprahComing to terms with when to fund raiseHer personal experience with the fallibility of US healthcareKistein Monkhouse is the founder and CEO of Patient Orator, a platform that uses a mobile app and storytelling to improve patient experience and population health. As a child, Kistein was inspired by Oprah Winfrey - not to be in entertainment but to make an impact in the world. It took a long grind to help her see exactly how she could and would. Kistein spent her days pursuing her education and her nights working at various roles in healthcare. Her studies showed her just how powerful policies could be on outcomes. Her jobs - from in-home health aid to the emergency room - revealed the reality of care disparities. She decided to dedicate herself to attacking healthcare inequities and fighting for those who are underserved, ignored and disregarded. It's from this spirit and commitment to 'humanize healthcare" that her company Patient Orator was born. Listen in to hear the story.MORE on KISTEIN AND PATIENT Founders Unfound: Like and share - help us grow!PODCAST TRANSCRIPT