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Baratunde Cola, Carbice

Ep. 4

In this episode Dan has a great conversation with Bara Cola, founder and CEO of Carbice. Bara's startup is revolutionizing the new standard for thermal cooling in the global electronics market. What does this mean to you and me?

We are surrounded by a global infrastructure - from power plants and satellites to your Amazon Echo - that is powered by electronics. Electronics generate heat. If they kick out too much, well, then they shut down or at least slow down. Carbice's magic material manages the heat better - so full performance can be realized. Bara makes the case that everything from Arab Spring to high end gaming is all made possible by better thermal management.

Listen in to hear how and why!

Notable Interview Highlights

(02:42) EVERYTHING that generates heat must regulate it 

(06:14) Carbice has invented the first new cooling material class in 100 years!

(12:58) Bara connects thermal management to the Arab Spring

(14:56) Bara talks Carbice's current traction

(19:44) Homebase: the choice between Atlanta and Silicon Valley

(21:22) Closing a lead investor on a Sunday afternoon walk around the neighborhood 

(26:00) Growing up in Pensacola, Florida...AKA "lower Alabama"

(31:28) Early entrepreneurial aspirations

(32:35) Meeting President Obama at the White House

(37:44) What Bara considers the most important skill

(40:41) Bara gives advice to his 22-year-old self

(42:31) Important mentors

(44:02) props to TechSquare Labs - Paul Judge and Allen Nance

Check out more about Carbice:, @carbice, @baratundecola

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