Football, Feminism & Everything in Between

Football and feminism are both huge parts of our culture and everyday lives, but rarely have they been brought together and forced to get along. In this podcast, comedian and feminist activist Grace Campbell, and her father, that well-known guy from p...

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  • 9. The Russell Kane One

    This week we're joined by the hilarious writer and comedian Russell Kane. Expect chat about Ernest Hemingway, state schools, and how to take the piss of of lefties.

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  • 8. The Roman Kemp One

    Trigger warning: Suicide. In this episode topics like suicidal ideation and suicide are mentioned. Roman Kemp is a radio presenter and TV personality who recently made a BBC documentary about the suicide of his best friend Joe. In this episode we talk mental health, having a famous father, and what its spending Christmas with George Michael.
  • 6. The Fiona Millar One

    This week Alastair and Grace are joined by the most important person in both of their lives. Fiona Millar is a journalist, political aide, and campaigner on education and gender issues. She is also Grace's mum and Alastair's partner. In this episode the family talk about Fiona's life, and love, and Skye, the dog, also features, loudly snoring throughout.
  • 5. The Ayesha Hazarika

    In a week with news dominated by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's interview with Oprah, we're joined by political commentator, comedian, and broadcaster Ayesha Hazarika to discuss the royals, racism in the UK, the Labour Party, and Ayesha and Alastair's time prepping Ed Miliband for the leadership debates.
  • 4. The Anthony Scaramucci One

    Anthony Scaramucci is an American entrepreneur, and served as the White House Director of Communications under Donald Trump from July 21 to July 31 in 2017, later going onto campaign against President Trump's politics. This week, Grace and Alastair talk American politics, the media, Donald Trump, and what happens when the ego takes over.
  • 3. The David Lammy One

    This week Grace and Alastair are joined by the MP for Tottenham David Lammy. David is critical of Jose Mourinho and Boris Johnson, two leaders of things he cares about. He joins us from lockdown, where he is longing for a long walks in the English countryside.
  • 2. The Kate Mosse One

    This week Grace and Alastair are joined by the wonderful novelist and broadcaster Kate Mosse. Kate is a novelist who has sold millions of books and is best known for her 2005 novel Labyrinth, which has been translated into more than 37 languages. Kate's a hoot, and in this episode the gang talk growing old, love, caring for family members, and how to write.