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Food Glue

Food Glue | Bake Off Hot Take | FG EP010

Dough Mother Beeston

Bake Off Chat

recorded in Greenhood - check out episode 7 for more. 

Nigel Slater Real Fast Food

Stephanie visits Betws y Coed


Hang in Pizzeria

Nottingham Beer Festival

Be prepared for a very Noughties website:

 Tom's fave is Totally Brewed

We go to Oktoberfest at The Garage Chilwell. #laterpod

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  • 6. Food Glue | Freude Bakes | FG EP018

    Nicky from Freude Bakes. Find her here... inspired by Christina Tosi of Milk Bar Fame. Bar recipes reminisces on the Roald Dahl recipe book talk about lovely indoor markets at The Garage and despair about cream cheese frosting. Nicky please correct us if we are wrong, but this is the closest I could find to the Käse-Sahne Torte, out to Green's Mill and Fred Hallam Greengrocers*Nicky's Favourites* Cartwheel Coffee, Beeston and City Beaver Poutine, Markets Chicken, Markets'oliva, Beeston Roast at Butcher's Bar deep dive into the real value of creative time, and why cake costs what it costs. 
  • 5. Food Glue | Coronation Quiche | Pudding Pantry | FG EP017

    Tom makes coronation quiche, from this recipe, listen on before you rush off to make it. The fabulous Jack Monroe (check out her blog too) has made a more affordable (and sensible version) and Stephanie eat in at Pudding Pantry, Beeston also available in the city and Sherwood., lunch, milkshakes, hardshakes, and they do late nights on certain evenings.Stephanie chats about heading to Mesa, in Hockley and Marlow the Whippet visited Gee and Gees at Essen General Store, keep your eyes peeled on Grace's instagram... there may be another coming soon visited the new Totally Tapped location. Stephanie and Marlow joined too as it's very doggy friendly.
  • 4. Food Glue | Living Goods | FG EP016

    We meet Miles from Living Goods. record at Essen general store (and Sam joins in at the end) your gob on his food at Mesa on April 24th started experimenting at Pricky Pear - which you can find at The Golden Fleece, Mansfield Road, by Koji Alchemy and I snuck in to the pop up at Oscar and Rosie's and it was AMAZING!You can eat Miles's food at Mesa, and see all his busy summer happenings over on Instagram:*Miles' Favourites*Slice N Brew Ya, West Bridgeford
  • 3. Food Glue | Kitchen Soup | FG EP015

    No probe jokes please. Pierre Koffman podcast, Pierre White Vs Gordon Ramsey visits Vegetarian Restaurant Cafe Roya*Cookbook Corner*Simply Nigella; Bell's Granola recipe are in print! Grab a copy of The Beestonian to see our new food feature. in all your favourite beeston spots. See the illustrations The Beestonian here and Stephanie go to the new Totally Tapped venue.
  • 2. Food Glue | The DoughMother | FG EP014

    Mr Marlow in the house. you may here him complaining because he wanted scritches from Uncle Tom. When is a burger not a burger ? Let us know at or on instagramStephanie talks of her love for The Blue Parrot Monte Gordo, Portugal, which despite trying her best she called the Green Parrot oops. #iykyk Stephanie also had great cake in Alcoutim, Portugal. Tom and Stephanie visit The Dough Mother, Central Avenue, Beeston is next to Bee Thai also excellent also came to the Dough Mother with us as it's dog friendly. So when you hear Stephanie say "sit down" she's not just being super bossy to Tom. The Dough Mother is a real hidden gem, check them out. Gee and Gees from our last episode (available on all podcast players!) is about to start her pop ups for spring, see her latest posts on insta for the spots. CornerJolly's Tater Tots and Tofu. Best Tofu, you can see their straight to wok options here. Tom drinks Camomile and Mint tea from Happy Leaf. has this no-fuss tea strainer us collate our songs that talk about food. Send us your songs on instagram/FB or email do some singing and Liam will be very impressed that I'm actually in tune.. I think.Stephanie talks about her home coffee set up, with her new grinder which she got second hand from Greenhood (episode 7) and visits Wired on Wheels (at colwick lake) then raves about her fave beans from Girls who Grind
  • 1. Food Glue | Gee and Gees | FG EP013

    Gee and Gees out Instagram for where Grace is next, Stephanie found Gee and Gees at Sherwood vegan market uses local flour for her noodles from Nottingham Mill Coop:'s Windmill mentions Tahini Drizzled fruit from her most used cook book A Modern Way to Cook loves Prad Thai, hear about them here: favourite market is The Garage Chilwell. talks about her pop up at Essen, Fingers crossed for some more can buy Gee and Gee's nationwide! or gab a jar at Essen.Grace has a portfolio career and also works at if you go and checkout the cows and gardens let us know.*Grace's favourites*Hand pulled noodle place in town (no link!)Slice n brew markets:Batched Bakehouse The Jam Lady*Grace's Cook book* i can't pronounce that either.We recorded at Greenhood episode thinks this was the recipe she's still winging a frittata from since 2014! rate and review us on your favourite podcast player. 
  • 12. Food Glue | Festive Special | FG EP012

    All things Xmas and winter....Christmas day dessert... What ya having? Does Jelly have a place at Christmas?I bought all my Xmas cake ingredients from Madhouse Nutcentre: gets his meat from Harkers Farm shop: the Christmas wine and cheese from Essen General Store: takes her family to Lombardos on Christmas Eve:Episode*Cookbook Corner*Nigellas Christmas Middleton Celebrate, walk or jog parkrun. If you are listening to this on release, there are similar vibes at New year's day parkrun . Xmas chat jump straight to 40:00 mins for Totally Tapped (Insta or web)
  • 11. Food Glue | Prad Thai | FG EP011

    Prad Thai: at The Oat Shed: Mary's Bakehouse: The Thai Kitchen in long Eaton is where you can try Papa Prads food, but order ahead! anyone has Thai Basil growing in Notts, let us know! Prad Thai mainly operate from Pop-ups. the Berliner: http://www.theberlinerbar.comthe Garage Chilwell: Street Food - you can still find them here. (Victoria Centre) can also find them at:*Prad Thai's favourites*Homeboys, Notts Street Food, Beeston, Beeston, Nottingham City People, Nottingham City Guys, Bubble Tea, King Street, City Centre See Bubble Tea, Beeston dive into working hours in hospitality and Stephanie mentions The Ethicureanhttps://theethicurean.comWe talk about their Side Hustle Lilac Eatery Is Jonny Pusztai the best butcher in Nottingham?