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  • 10. PlantLore

    In todays episode we go rummaging through the undergrowth to explore the amazing world of Plant with the brilliant Roy Vickery. We discover how Ivy is good for trousers, bramble is lucky for cows and why you must always sit in a hawthorn tree.Roy can be found at his website plant-lore.comAnd the very wonderful Sophie Skelton reads from A WItch's Guide to Gardening by Dorothy Jacob. Enjoy!

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  • 9. Serpent Tales

    On todays show we explore the mysterious Knucker, blood thirsty water serpents unique to Sussex who are said to live in bottomless wells and attack villagers. Expect totem poles, jam and a truly horrific ending to Red Riding Hood.We talk to the brilliant Dr Paul Quinn, Director of Folklore and Fairy Tales at Chichester University and the wonderful Matthew Lewis reads from Bram Stokers 'The Lair of The White Worm.' Enjoy!
  • 8. The Rectory in Red

    In todays episode we explore two of the most infamous buildings in England! First up is the most haunted house in England, the extremely eerie Borley Rectory and then we zip over to Polstead to explore The Murder in the Red Barn, scene of one of the most horrific and brutal crimes in English criminal history, but what came after is even worse.We are joined by the wonderful Edward Parnell as we get lost down country lanes and stumble into hidden ponds.And the brilliant Craig Parkinson reads from the Ballard of Maria Marten. Enjoy!
  • 7. Witch Country part 2

    In part two we are joined by musician Laura Cannell. We explore her unique ancient folk inspired music that she creates with the violin overbow and double recorders. We talk fairy rings, witch eggs and groaning stones. Enjoy and a very happy new year to you all.
  • 6. Witch Country part 1

    On todays episode we find ourselves out on the liminal shores of the hook of Essex, the very heart of Witch Country in search of Matthew Hopkins, The Witchfinder General.We are joined by author and poet AK Blakemore who takes us through the her haunts of Manningtree and Mistley in the footsteps of the witches. We also find 'Old Knobbly' in a rather spooky wood in the dead of night. We then head to Mistly pond where Hopkins began his horrendous persecutions and 'swam' the alleged witches, and spend a night in the Mistley Thorn Hotel where Hopkins himself stayed and began his interrogations.Reading from 'The Manningtree Witches' is brilliant Emily Carey. Enjoy.
  • 5. Pathways to Prophecy

    Today we explore omens, dark prophecies and portents of doom! We begin in the Buckinghamshire village of Naphill to discover the infamous death warnings that terrified the villagers in the 1940s. Then on to Dancer's End for a rather unexpected and uplifting experience. Finally we duck beneath the branches of Wendover Wood where sightings of an enormous black cat have been seen as recently as three days ago.We are joined by the brilliant Ruth Connell who reads from 'The Prophecies of Mother Shipton'.
  • 4. Hellfire & Damnation part 2

    In part two we cross the river styx and enter Dashwood's living hell! We then dash cross country and find ourselves in the mysterious bell cave of Royston. We discover Druids, Anchorites and long lost skulls. EnjoyFolkLands is an audio adventure into the weird and forgotten folklore, myths, mysteries and haunted locations of the British Isles.Hosted by Tim Downie (Toast of London, Outlander, Upstart Crow, Paddington) and Justin Chubb (co-star and creator of Sky Atlantic’s This is Jinsy). Filled with original music and inspired by the cult 1973 Reader’s Digest Folklore Myths and Legends of Great Britain, we are setting out on a quest to peel back the layers of time and 70s nostalgia to investigate centuries-old rituals and beliefs, welcoming some sinister moments and chills along the way.