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Karen Anstiss

Season 2, Ep. 6

Joining us today is a woman with more experience in dealing with survivors of modern slavery than most.

After working with traumatised victims of crime across three decades in the Metropolitan Police, Karen now helps to run Bakhita House – a safe house that takes a holistic approach to caring for female survivors of modern slavery. Karen chats to us about how her work in the police informs her approach today, the need for greater governmental support and how Bakhita House always makes it about the survivors themselves, not their trauma.

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  • 10. Yeonmi Park

    For our final episode of the series, we're delighted to welcome world renowned activist and North Korean defector, Yeonmi Park.After escaping from North Korea as a child, Yeonmi suffered at the hands of human traffickers in China, but still speaks openly about her experiences and uses her profile to shine a light on this worldwide issue. We discuss her story and how we can all use the privileges of our freedom to highlight how many people aren't afforded such luxuries.  For more information, visit our website or click the links below:Yeonmi's latest memoir 'Yeonmi Park: I hope my book will shine a light on the darkest place in the world''Inside China's 'Red Zone' where North Korean women are sold as slaves'
  • 9. Marisol Nichols

    Joining us this week is Marisol Nichols, an esteemed actor who you'll know from her starring roles in shows like 24 and Riverdale. But off-screen, she's been using her acting skills to help fight modern slavery.Marisol talks to us about how she's gone undercover with former Government agents to stop trafficking at its source, often posing as various figures within the modern slavery underworld to help convict perpetrators. She also discusses the lightbulb moment that started her on this path and how rewarding - and frightening - her work has proven to be. For more information, visit our website or click the links below:Marisol's PodcastMarisol Nichols Fights Modern SlaveryStars Making A Social Impact: How Actress Marisol Nichols Is Helping To Stop Human TraffickingSlavery Free World
  • 8. Amanda Nguyen

    Our guest today has quite the CV. Amanda Nguyen is a civil rights activist who has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, voted as a TIME Women of the Year and has ambitions of becoming an astronaut. She is one incredible woman!Amanda talks to us about how her Vietnamese background made her all too aware of the realities of human trafficking and what can be done to fight this issue. Plus, Amanda talks us through how she founded Rise, the nonprofit that fights for the civil rights of sexual violence survivors, after her own horrific experience and her inspirational work in the US government.For more information, visit our website or click the links below:Amanda Nguyen Is Fighting for Sexual Assault Survivor Rights All Around the WorldRiseRise's #StopAsianHate campaignActivist Amanda Nguyen Is Telling a Different Story About Sexual Assault Through Clothes
  • 7. Efe Obada

    Today we’re joined by a sporting superstar who has proven that people can achieve anything, even out of brutal hardships.Efe Obada is a tough-tackling defensive end in the NFL, and one of few Brits playing in the league. But his journey began when he was trafficked to the U.K. at just ten years old and left homeless, before spending the next decade in the foster care system.He talks to us about the hardship he’s suffered and how he’s become a symbol of hope for millions around the world, proving that nobody is solely defined by the things that happen to them.We spoke to Efe before the start of the 2023 NFL season.For more information, visit our website or click the links below:Efe's interview with Donald McRaeNFL Africa program
  • 5. Zach Filkins and Molly Hodson

    Joining us today are two people whose passion for fighting modern slavery is awe-inspiring. We’re delighted to be joined by Zach Filkins, from the world-famous band OneRepublic, and International Justice Mission’s Molly Hodson!OneRepublic have used their huge platform to champion the fight against modern slavery and particularly the work of IJM, who have been at the forefront of activism against human trafficking for over 25 years. Zach and Molly chat to us about how their partnership came to be, how more famous people can utilise their platform for good, and how they’ve come across so many inspiring stories of hope while speaking to those affected by this crisis.For more information, visit our website or click the links below:IJM website IJM Scale of Harm 2023OneRepublic Joins IJM in the Fight to End Modern-Day SlaveryWhy OneRepublic Is Working Hard to Make Sure Everyone Can Live a ‘Good Life’OneRepublic Good Life Foundation
  • 4. Ambassador Cindy Dyer

    Today, we're delighted to be joined by Ambassador Cindy Dyer, who serves as Ambassador-at-Large to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons in President Joe Biden's administration.Cindy talks to us about methods the US government is implementing to provide greater protection to survivors of trafficking and how she's interacted with survivors personally. Plus, we talk about how efforts at the local level are just as important as state and international legislation. For more info, visit our website or click the links below:Cindy Dyer BiographyCindy Dyer Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe speech2023 Trafficking in Persons Report
  • 3. Rose Hudson-Wilkin

    Joining us today is the wonderful Rose Hudson-Wilkin. Rose became the first black woman to become a bishop in the Church of England, and has since held positions as the Queen's Chaplain and the Speaker's Chaplain. She joined us for an uplifting conversation about how the church supports survivors of trafficking as part of its role in the community, extending that same kindness to everyone around her and how important it is to speak out if you think something might be wrong, regardless of any potential fear or embarrassment. For more info, visit our website or click the links below:The Diocese of CanterburyBishop of Dover Pledges to Raise Awareness of Modern SlaveryThe Role of the Church in Fighting Modern Slavery
  • 2. James Bartle

    The fashion industry is one of world’s largest consumer economies. But, unfortunately, it has become inextricably linked with the prevalence of modern slavery and lack of environmental sustainability. Today’s guest is hoping to change that for the better.James Bartle is the founder and CEO of Outland Denim, an ethical fashion company that works with survivors of human trafficking to provide them sustainable means of work, helping them to to rebuild their lives. He talks to us about seeing trafficking firsthand, how Outland treats its employees with dignity and respect, and what the global fashion industry still needs to address amidst the fight against modern slavery. For more info, visit our website or click the links below:Outland DenimUnseen: Modern Slavery in FashionWalk Free: Beyond Compliance in the Garment Industry