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Doja Pak - Episode 6

Although Doja Pak has been working with flower since 1999. It wasn't until dispensaries started to open up, that’s he realized, it wasn't just about selling weed anymore.

Doja Pak has about 10 varieties total they’re keeping active right now. Others include a Biscotti phenotype and American Pie. Seven varieties are in full production mode, and three more will be rolling out very soon. Doja's, RS11 aka Rainbow Sherbert is known for its reputation for a unique terp profile! It’s a hybrid that reaches up to 28% THC and is created through the crossing of OZK Pink Guava, Sunset Sherbert, and ZkittleZ.

While many brands aim to monetize every step of the cannabis ecosystem, Doja Exclusive—has chosen to stick to the lane it has dominated for so long in the cannabis marketplace, and that’s supplying the best products California has to offer, no matter where they come from.

We couldn't be more excited to bring the legend Doja Pak and light up some Biscotti, RS11, RS54, and Zzzoap. Doja shares his come-up in the game to building the brand known as, "the enterprise version of your favorite rock-star dealer—no matter what your tastes or preferences, the Pak has the best available version of it."

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