cover art for Abra-Cordavra! The Party girl has disappeared.

Firefly - All Better Worlds

Abra-Cordavra! The Party girl has disappeared.

Season 1, Ep. 5.5

In this episode, the characters go to Cordavra/Apocalyptica/Cordellia's seizezera - and later discover that the birthday girl and some others got their invitations to the "Companion House"... and now they're missing cake.

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  • 7.5. Ciao Panda

    In this episode, one of the crew gets kidnapped and the remainder must find another way to get off the planet to be able to do the job they promised they'd do!Check us out on our socials!, Firefly All Better Worlds on Facebook, @FireflyRPG_ABW on Twitter/X and Universadon!
  • 7.4. Cookie's Cookies'll make you right as rain

    In this episode, the characters get a bit of downtime, and Tiny indulges in one of his favourite things - Food!OH, and the crew gets a job...
  • 7.3. Red Creeks and a Deadly Squeak

    In this episode, the crew of the Pandavas get themselves out of the a predicament they got themselves into in the previous episode... an old friend helps a bit, and Squeak helps save the day!Welcome to Firefly: All Better Worlds - we're a real-play RPG podcast set in the 'Verse (Josh Whedon's and Tim Minear's Firefly universe)! We're on various socials - all derivative of Firefly All Better Worlds - and love interacting with our listeners!Stay Shiny!
  • 7.2. Ambushwhacked...

    In this episode, the characters find themselves in need of work... and in a tangled web.
  • 7.1. Finding... nevermind.

    In this episode, the crew reconnects with their former captain and share some of their hard earned knowledge... but also learn some new things themselves.Welcome to Firefly - All Better Worlds!
  • 6.5. Ballroom Blitz 2

    In homage to the actually lost episode - Ballroom Blitz 2 sees the characters fight their way out of the Tea House... and an unexpected ally sends help.
  • 6.3. Waking up in a nest of vipers

    In this episode - the crew of the Pandavas gets through the denial... but now, how do they all get out unscathed?
  • 6.2. Problems on a Major Scale

    In this episode, the crew of the Pandavas continues their subterfuge at House Ocha's Summer Festival party - and and old friend shows up to help!Firefly All Better Worlds is a Real Play RPG set in the Firefly Universe (Whedon/Minear) and uses the Margaret Weiss Cortex Plus system - we hold no rights to any copyright material, but are simply enjoying our time playing in the Verse.
  • 6.1. Adventures in Crazysitting

    In this episode, Shi and the crew try to find their missing/kidnapped friend... and Raven talks Shi down from a rooftop.The crew of the Pandavas infiltrate House Ocha's Summer Masquerade party, being on their best behaviour.......for now.