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  • Anyone Remember 'Succession'?

    Hello! We're back in full-on Firecrotch & Normcore mode to look back on the 'Succession' finale, broadcast a year ago today.It's *definitely* because we want to mark a significant cultural anniversary, and not because it's half-term and we thought we'd phone it in with a clip show so we can spend some time with our kid.See Sara falter: by Annabel Port.

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  • An Extraordinary Amount of Duct Tape. And DECLAN LAWN (Blue Lights)

    It's a beautiful day in the neighbourhood, a beautiful day for a neighbour, would you be mine. WOULD YOU BE MINE?This week, we buy flammable kids' clothes, we ask "Is there ever really COM alongside ROM?" plus we speak to a man who, in his 40s, made his dreams come true, Blue Lights co-creator Declan Lawn. Let him serve as a beacon of hope to none of us.Write to us: fuckoff@firecrotchandnormcore.comHelp us avoid a Patreon plateau: by Tom's older lover, Annabel Emily Port.
  • Stab It. Eat It. Yum. And James Rogan (ABBA: Against The Odds)

    Välkommen and bienvenue, welcome! We've been poring over this year's BAFTA TV award winners. Yay for Sarah Phelps and 'The Sixth Commandment'! But how did the UK television industry honour the swansong of 'Succession' - its finest export? NUL POINTS! We watched the show that usurped Business Throne.PLUS: The Eurovision party isn't over. We talk to James Rogan, the man behind the new documentary, 'ABBA: Against The Odds'.Lay All Your Love On Me: fuckoff@firecrotchandnormcore.comGimme Gimme Gimme Money Money Money: Annabel Port
  • Olive Oil, Salt, Pepper, Quaker Oats. And Ashley Storrie (DINOSAUR)

    It's Cineaste Week! We don't know how it happened (we DO know how it happened) but this week we're all films, all the time. All available on your TV screen, of course. We watched one light confection, one terror-scape, and maaaaaaybe the best thing we've seen since Succession?Also, this week's guest is the wonderful Ashley Storrie, co-writer and star of the BBC hit Dinosaur. Write to us: fuckoff@firecrotchandnormcore.comHelp Sara see her dad: Sara work it out in Brighton: by the woman whose parents - to cheer her up after a divorce as a 30-something - on a weekend away to Auschwitz
  • My Dad's Old Bod. And Will Tracy (THE REGIME)

    We're baaaaaaaaack! Say this to yourself OR passers-by in the style of Poltergeist II.We love all our guests equally, of course, but this week's is extra spesh because - HELLO - it's Succession writer and showrunner of The Regime, Will Tracy! We have an exciting connection, and the discovery of that connection, during the interview, was a major podcast highlight. Plus: Sara roleplays being a Deliverer of Hard Truths and Geoff confronts his fears about UnfrostedWrite to us: fuckoff@firecrotchandnormcore.comLet Sara see her dad many times before he dies: Sara working it all out in Machynlleth: Brighton: by our friend, her son's mother, and her lover's lover, Annabel Emily Port
  • Interview-only Semisode Because Sara is Sick: Andy Milligan (ANT & DEC'S SATURDAY NIGHT TAKEAWAY)

    Sara has tonsillitis - she's on antibiotics and complete vocal rest. She had a fever dream where she was drawn towards the light, but spotted her late grandmother on the other side and fled.So, it's a truncated episode this week (a semisode?): An interview we'd already recorded before she was struck down. And what an interview! It's Andy Milligan, writer of The Sopranos of shiny-floor entertainment TV - Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway.Send Firecrotch a get-well-soon email: fuckoff@firecrotchandnormcore.comBuy her a Lucozade: by Annabel Port, who is in rude health.
  • Underarm Meat and a Wide Ribcage. And Michelle Singer & Stu Richards (THE ASSEMBLY)

    Happy birthday to our son, who's eight today. He'll never read this, although he was recently overheard saying, "Mom can't decide what she's doing for her quick watch". Kids these days! Etc.This week it's our great pleasure to speak to Rockerdale Studios creative director, Stu Richards, and head of production, Michelle Singer, about their SMASH HIT The Assembly. You're not living life to the fullest if you haven't seen this show, and you know we don't say that lightly. Plus: a master-class in martial passive-aggression, Ripley (finally!), and boundaries, baby, BOUNDARIES. Hit us up with some dopamine via our inbox: fuckoff@firecrotchandnormcore.comHelp Sara with her eyes, nails and artisanal fertiliser: by she of the raven-hair and golden-throat, Ms. Annabel Emily Port