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Sensedia with Marcilio Oliveira | E252

Ep. 252

In today's episode of Fintech Impact, we have Marcilio Oliveira, Co-Founder of Sensedia. It is a platform that provides API access through microservices for different financial institutions around the world, basically connecting them seamlessly. They are helping the enterprise companies around the world to become more connected, open and digital using the modern integration platform and API.

Episode Highlights

1.03: Marcilio says that they created Sensedia 15 years ago to help companies to modernize their enterprise sectors. 

1.14: In last ten years we have been 100% focused on API management platform to help companies to connect the core data in digital experience, partner journeys and innovation and in the last five years we created a nice, specialized solution for financial institutions, says Marcilio.

3.08: The connection between the legacy system with mobile apps, with ecosystems from partners and with different kind of digital experience or digital behaviors is done using API.

6.32: Companies are looking for Sensedia when they are trying to evolve the digital experience or part integration ecosystem positioning for open banking service, or they are looking for innovation.

7.53: FTX conference in Dallas was amazing because we have around hundred financial companies there and all of them trying to discuss about strategy, not only about Tech, says Marcilio.

8.04: API is a tech subject, and it supports new business model, new functionalities, new partners model and new positioning.

15.40: Many banks have created their own API management plan because they are using these as internal APIs.

16.04: All the financial institution will be part of one or more ecosystems because they have a chance to be the heart of the ecosystem to create their own ecosystem by exposing API.

19.05: As per Marcilio, we are going to nice space where everyone needs to be a part of ecosystem.

20.03: Companies should be more open and digital and connected and not looking for tech or for business strategy.

3 Key Points

  1. Marcilio shares what is the percentage of existing institutions that were non digital before and converting over versus native Fintechs that have come into the market?
  2. Fintechs are not looking for a hard discussion about tech integration. They are looking for the good experience in the digital world. So, we have invested a lot in digital experience for the companies beyond the API, says Marcilio.
  3. Marcilio shares his thoughts on where is the lack of openness? Is it a reticence of companies entering the space like departing from their norms of keeping things closed and being very defensive with data?

Tweetable Quotes

  • "We are focusing the enterprise companies. We are looking for the traditional companies and usually they are asking for our help in three different scenarios." – Marcilio
  • "The open banking is not about regulation, it's about movement and in my perception, Canada will move fast about regulations." – Marcilio
  • "If the company is looking for position as the central of ecosystem, they need to improve the developer experience." - Marcilio
  • "Technology is not a strategy. Technology is there to enable your strategy." - Jason 
  • "My motivation is when I explain stories about customers and people show interest to listen more. I love to share stories from achievement with good customers." – Marcilio.

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OnBord with Nick Bernardo | E260

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Jason talks to Nicholas Bernardo, Founder & CEO of OnBord; a simple, secure tool with automated compliance features that will save you time and money while onboarding new clients. OnBord is built to streamline the new client experience for not only the advisors but also their clients.Episode Highlights03.02: Nick talks about his profile and what prompted him to launch OnBord. He also talks about how simple the tool is and the feedback that he has received from few of his clients. 05.32: Jason and Nick talk about the inconvenience caused during manual data filing or data gathering process. 06.17: Nick explains how they have created the ability to do a bulk transfer. Now they are working to eliminate that custodial spreadsheet so that if you are an advisor looking to leave a wire house or leave a broker-dealer that's protocol or non-protocol you have all kinds of limitations around what you can take. 7.18: Nick talks about their data gathering process and how they don't actually hold any of the client data.  09.32: Nick explains OnBord's entire work process flow and how it is all automated.11.04: Nick explains once the client completes the flow, they also receive an e-mail from the firm, welcoming them again, stating kind functions of the CSA and then also putting out the e-mail as disclosure documents that way that is one step that the CSA team has to do. 13.10: Nick explains how they are currently working on the KYC module right now so that they can update that and push it right back to the advisor's CRM. 18.20: Nick explains how OnBord shows real time status of clients filling in their information and how it helps to save a lot of time and efforts. 23.05: Features and functions we have an unbelievably long list of features and functions that. We want to put out there, but right now it's about solving the core problem right and showing the most value to the same, says Nick. 31.00: OnBord is a core technology for almost every RA in the in the country and maybe even in the world.3 Key PointsNick talks about how well OnBord uses automation to create great user experience. He says that they are not asking them complicated questions, they are asking the minimum amount of information that the custodian wants in order to open their account.Nick explains how they leverage text as a means of engagement of the consumers.Any business that gets new clients and needs information to get from the client to their database and potentially you know signed off on a form, that's our opportunity, says Nick.Tweetable Quotes"We are looking to make use technologies to flatten this whole experience out and that way the advisor and CSA, all they have to do is manage the process." - Nick "If you are a broker dealer and you need to update KYC on an annual basis, we'll be able to administrate the entire process for you." – Nick"Getting people's attention via text message and a reminder say hey by the way we need to get this done it. We're finding that you know response times are faster." - NickResources MentionedFacebook – Jason Pereira's FacebookLinkedIn – Jason Pereira's – Sponsor

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Jason talks to Justin Adler, co-founder of NorthOne. It is an online Business Account with built-in features to make business banking fast and easy. Justin helps people with this entire profit for a system, they put people in envelopes or supplements, but nevertheless it's basically splitting up by dollars or percentages and making sure that when the taxman comes calling the money sitting there when payroll comes, it's done which is fantastic.Episode Highlights0.54: When launching NorthOne Justin Adler's goal was to transform what would be a really burdensome experience of traditional banking into one that's simple, fast and efficient. NorthOne is like Uber for banking and financial management.04.19: When setting up his business Justin visited several places and did in-depth research. He realized that the problems we seen growing up were so widespread and so commonplace and they really resulted from the fact that small business owners are generally really good at what they do. They are great at your craft, but they are so ill prepared and ill set up for the financial management side.06.16: By launching NorthOne, Justin aimed to remove the opportunity cost of doing day-to-day banking from the business owner so that we could turn the really burdensome banking experience for small business owners. 07.50: Justin co-designed a feature called the Northland profit first envelope system. This allows the small business center to literally, with one click on drag and drop, an automatic budgeting system so that whenever they deposit money, the correct amount is sequestered for things like rent, payroll, taxes. 11.02: As per Justin, one of the biggest threats to the economy today is the failure rate of small businesses.13.13: One of the big features that Justin and his team worked on this year has been really about defining more convenient ways for folks to get paid and make payments. 16.09: Justin says that they focused on integrations that really allowed the bank account to do what it does best.3 Key PointsJustin shares how he has built a system to basically implement the entire cash flow model.Many small business owners use cash basis accounting to make decisions for what they can, what they can afford, what they can buy. A lot of what Justin has also focused on this year has been building integrations so that the business center can get a wider circumference and expand on the view of what's going on in their business through the Northwest Bank account.Justin shares how he sees the future of the product and the best way to serve the customer. NorthOne is a platform that really kind of connects that small business center to a variety of different proxy tools and services that they need. Tweetable Quotes"NorthOne is a digital challenger bank specifically made for the needs of small business owners across the country." – Justin"We worked with our team to really figure out how to take that functionality ACH and take it as fast as possible." – Justin"We have always stood behind the idea that if you make a product service, it's good customers should be happy to pay a fair price for it." - JustinResources MentionedFacebook – Jason Pereira's FacebookLinkedIn – Jason Pereira's – Sponsor

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Jason talks to Santiago Burridge, executive chairman of Lumiant. It is a platform that helps advisors discover what really matters to their clients and helps them have more deep and meaningful conversations and guides them along the way to a deeper and more meaningful and prosperous engagement. Episode Highlights0.38: All the extraordinary conversation that happens between an advisor and a client currently now goes into a filing cabinet and we anchor experience in something we can control, which is a product, says Santiago.4.33: You can't help people in relation to their life unless you understand what drives them in life and that is their values and it's not their goals because goals change, and values tend to not, says Santiago.9.21: If you lead with the client's life, not with your product, the client is going to work with you and that's the subtle pride pitch between selling and serving, says Santiago.17.55: The computers aren't the thing. Computers are the thing to get us to the thing and the financial plan is not the thing. The financial plan is the thing to get the things. The values and goals are the thing that gets you to that thing, which is financial planning, says Jason.23.23: When you are in a bad health situation or need surgery, the doctor is the shining star and the most important person in your world. But when everything is going ok or not ok or just average every day, financial planners are the most important.24.38: One wish for something to change in the industry is that 51% of advisers should be women. It's currently 16 to 20% and it's a disgrace and it's a poor reflection on what we do, says Santiago.3 Key Points90% of people who walk in to see an advisor and non-financial spouses, they generally do not know what they need to do, and these non-financial spouses have been utterly ignored by our profession forever, says Santiago.When we thought about bringing the whole client journey through a platform, it is values, goals, key advice, strategies and tasks to achieve and live the best life and what risk are they willing to accept to live their best life, says Santiago.Santiago is building nudges into the part forms and the ability to remind their clients of things that they need to do. But it's more than a task.Tweetable Quotes"When we thought about technology that has been used in the financial services industry today, we realized that everything's been built for the sale." – Santiago"Everybody wants change, but no one wants to change and it's the most frustrating thing in the world." – Jason"Supporting entrepreneurialism and independence, helping this industry achieve its potential is the thing that excites me to continue the work, day and night since I was a kid." - SantiagoResources MentionedFacebook – Jason Pereira's FacebookLinkedIn – Jason Pereira's – Sponsor