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OnBord with Nick Bernardo | E260

Ep. 260

Jason talks to Nicholas Bernardo, Founder & CEO of OnBord; a simple, secure tool with automated compliance features that will save you time and money while onboarding new clients. OnBord is built to streamline the new client experience for not only the advisors but also their clients.

Episode Highlights

  • 03.02: Nick talks about his profile and what prompted him to launch OnBord. He also talks about how simple the tool is and the feedback that he has received from few of his clients. 
  • 05.32: Jason and Nick talk about the inconvenience caused during manual data filing or data gathering process. 
  • 06.17: Nick explains how they have created the ability to do a bulk transfer. Now they are working to eliminate that custodial spreadsheet so that if you are an advisor looking to leave a wire house or leave a broker-dealer that's protocol or non-protocol you have all kinds of limitations around what you can take. 
  • 7.18: Nick talks about their data gathering process and how they don't actually hold any of the client data.  
  • 09.32: Nick explains OnBord's entire work process flow and how it is all automated.
  • 11.04: Nick explains once the client completes the flow, they also receive an e-mail from the firm, welcoming them again, stating kind functions of the CSA and then also putting out the e-mail as disclosure documents that way that is one step that the CSA team has to do. 
  • 13.10: Nick explains how they are currently working on the KYC module right now so that they can update that and push it right back to the advisor's CRM. 
  • 18.20: Nick explains how OnBord shows real time status of clients filling in their information and how it helps to save a lot of time and efforts. 
  • 23.05: Features and functions we have an unbelievably long list of features and functions that. We want to put out there, but right now it's about solving the core problem right and showing the most value to the same, says Nick. 
  • 31.00: OnBord is a core technology for almost every RA in the in the country and maybe even in the world.

3 Key Points

  1. Nick talks about how well OnBord uses automation to create great user experience. He says that they are not asking them complicated questions, they are asking the minimum amount of information that the custodian wants in order to open their account.
  2. Nick explains how they leverage text as a means of engagement of the consumers.
  3. Any business that gets new clients and needs information to get from the client to their database and potentially you know signed off on a form, that's our opportunity, says Nick.

Tweetable Quotes

  • "We are looking to make use technologies to flatten this whole experience out and that way the advisor and CSA, all they have to do is manage the process." - Nick 
  • "If you are a broker dealer and you need to update KYC on an annual basis, we'll be able to administrate the entire process for you." – Nick
  • "Getting people's attention via text message and a reminder say hey by the way we need to get this done it. We're finding that you know response times are faster." - Nick

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Jason talks to Richard Vinhais CEO of WAX. It is a platform for ensuring collectible items of high value and making sure that if anything goes wrong with your treasured collectible or sentimental value object that basically you are protected. In addition, they have helped people with custody and leverage of these assets with that.Episode Highlights1.42: Richard talks about his background and how his journey started. 08.22: Chubb is the world's largest publicly traded property and casualty insurer. They have 200 billion in assets, maybe 40 billion plus in gross premium. They are who you want and they kind of concentrate on the high network space. 10.10: Richard talks about the lending business that they launched the previous quarter which is really in pilot.11.15: Richard explains in the collection management process there is an element of doing kind of a rapid income analysis on the individual rapid employment data. 13.14: Richard shares how they determine the value of assets and what is the process that they follow. 17.08: Cash is not as cheap as it, it was even six months ago. If you look back even a year ago when money was virtually free, that is just not the market conditions today. But there is still always a space for an individual that's looking for a quick infusion of cash, says Richard. 19.05: Once we are vaulting, we are responsible that means the insurance needs to be fully in place. The conditions of the vault need to be exceptional, says Richard.22.05: As per Richard, understanding the collector mindset is everything because every collector, they have their own tribe. Every collector also has their why behind, why they collect.25.12: As per Richard, they could open up the valves to allow anybody to enter their ecosystem which will certainly grow the top line of the business, but as claims start rolling in because they not thinking about the quality of what is coming in, then you are no longer running a profitable business. 3 Key PointsRichard explains the technology aspect of Wax and where is the tech coming to play, and how is he delivers Insurance on collectibles?Richard talks about the range of products that they have launched or will launch in future. The list included the collection management, model line insurance, lending, and then vaulting.Richard talks about appraisals, how that was going to work and how it changes the current experience.Tweetable Quotes"Collectibles are now seen as an alternative investment whereas in the past it was just kind of seen as a toy or a strange hobby or target demo has disposable income." - Richard Vinhais"The lending product was an experiment that we put into play last quarter, and we see this as a great way for individuals to kind of unlock value in the collectibles that they have." - Richard Vinhais"The amount of research we went into to find the correct vaulting partner was staggering, mainly because we want to make sure we're doing right by our clients, and we don't have to worry about it." - Richard VinhaisResources MentionedFacebook – Jason Pereira's FacebookLinkedIn – Jason Pereira's – Sponsor

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InvestorCom with Dave Carr-Pries | E266

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Jason talks to Dave Carr-Pries, Vice President – consulting services at InvestorCom. Today they are going to talk about how the implementation of CFR and Reg BI has basically panned out in the last year and where the successes and challenges are? Episode Highlights1.31: InvestorCom is a fintech company, they provide software really focusing on helping the industry make better financial decisions, and with that means their focus is on compliance solutions that aim to make being compliant as intuitive as possible and removing friction and barriers from advisors of dealers. 2.58: Without an advisor or an investor doing anything, when fund companies change their products or things change about their products, suddenly a portfolio may become unsuitable, says Dave.7.23: Dave discusses what is the kind of data points for the elements that you look for significant change.09.30: People like complaining about work and it's like this is not hard. You need to have investment thesis for how you actually manage portfolios and do it consistently and then you just have to look for changes that are pertinent to that, says Jason.14.02: Dave shares how they filter and pass data down to people and give them what to look at.15.30: When an advisor is presented with kind of a relative comparison, things do move slowly and we are starting to see a trend and making recommendations of products that stack up, says Dave.17.40: Jason discusses how it is not hard from the advisory perspective to have a documented process.20.01: Anyone who just basically buys nothing, but passive indexes have an easy time says Jason.22.01: As an advisor professional judgment is about identifying red flags and if there are any red flag be prepared to document your justification relative to those flags.29.30: We put out a process, our documentations are in place, this is really called practice management 101, says Dave.31.02: To not think through the advisor experience and how to make this a manageable experience is a gross failure of management like that, says Dave.3 Key PointsJason and Dave talk about the big changes in regulations both in Canada and US and InvestorCom dealt with the changes. Dave explains how they have taken self-monitor solution that builds the industry audit trail and added advisor alerts. Dave shares that they are working on the product recommendation side and how to do that product comparison or consideration of primitives.Tweetable Quotes"People probably made decisions that weren't good or interpretations that the regulator won't agree to." - Jason"This kind of change management or change monitoring process mean thanks to the regulator's kind of a new thing. So, no one really knows what that magnitude is." - Dave "My concern is people for shooting an arrow and then drawing the bullseye around it." – JasonResources MentionedFacebook – Jason Pereira's FacebookLinkedIn – Jason Pereira's – SponsorDave – LinkedIn