Finding Fearless with marie claire

  • 20. Camilla Franks is not Superwoman

    Camilla Franks is a creative tour de force of the Australian fashion industry. Since 2004 her eponymous label has been renowned for its dazzling designs and beloved by women across the globe including the likes of Beyonce, JLo and Oprah, to name a few. But there’s more to Camilla's story than star-studded success. Over the past two decades she’s weathered career struggles, grief, breast cancer, and now – like all of us – the global impact of COVID-19. But throughout it all she has remained a pillar of strength and positivity and is the dose of inspiration we all need right now.
  • Why Khadija Gbla is the kickass women's rights activist we need right now

    Human rights activist, Khadija Gbla first came to our attention through her extraordinary TEDx talk describing how she found out she was a survivor of Female Genital Mutilation (watch it NOW!). The talk was a game-changer. Through sheer force of will, Khadija has forever altered the conversation around FGM in Australia and now, as an ambassador for Our Watch, she continues to fight for those without a voice in the battle to stop violence against women and children. She is both fearlessly passionate, but also funny as (our kind of woman), but mainly a formidable force of nature who compels you to come along for a blast of a ride. Buckle up!
  • 18. 25 years on: Why Natasha Stott Despoja is still sticking up for women

    Just a warning - this episode deals with the topic of domestic violence - if you need help please call 1800RESPECT now and if you are ever in any danger please call the Police on 000.For more than three decades Natasha Stott Despoja has been a kick-ass part of public life in Australia – firstly as our nation’s youngest ever Senator - sitting in Canberra’s Parliament House at the tender age of 26. Then in numerous government and representative roles, Natasha has consistently had a passion for the wellbeing of Australian women. Whether it was in her capacity as the former Australian Ambassador for Women and Girls or as the longstanding Chair of Our Watch – our peak body tasked with preventing violence against women and children - Natasha has simply always had our backs. And now at this time of social isolation - where domestic violence victims are more exposed than ever before – she has much to say about how we can all help each other to ensure women at risk are looked after. Natasha’s words of wisdom are what we need right now – so listen up. Thanks for our partners at Mimco for making this episode of Finding Fearless possible.
  • 17. Cass Thorburn hit relaunch on her life

    Three years ago Cass Thorburn was thrust into the spotlight when her husband of 21 years - Today host, Karl Stefanovic - left her in very public split that played out big-time in the tabloids. After finding herself a single, stay-at-home mum to her three kids, she began the process of rebuilding her life, and now the journalist is back on the hustings - hosting a popular new podcast series called Divorce Story - which aims to empower women to thrive after separation. With 1 in 2 marriages ending in divorce in Australia, Cass has tapped into a massive audience who are hungry for information – and she’s happy to make a difference in this space.You can listen to Cass' new podcast Divorce Story here:
  • 16. Lucy Zelić is taking on her trolls

    As the face of football in Australia, SBS sport presenter Lucy Zelić has faced intense online abuse from trolls. For many years she decided to ignore her abusers, but since the birth of her daughter Mila, she realised she needed to take a stand. Now, she’s hitting back with a passionate plea for accountability with #BeAccountable campaign. The hashtag is designed to call out untoward behaviour and start a national conversation about the way we behave online. For too long we have been trying to shroud the trolls in darkness, now it’s time to bring them into the light - and we can all do our bit to help!You can read more about Lucy's new movement here:
  • 15. From the battlefield to the boardroom: Matina Jewell’s lessons from the frontlines

    Retired Army Major Matina Jewell has paid a hefty price for a decorated 15-year Army career. While on one of her five overseas missions, posted to the Middle East, tensions rapidly escalated. Within days of war breaking out, all her close colleagues were dead from an airstrike and she was lying lifeless on a tiled floor desperately needing medical attention for a broken back. With painful physical injuries to contend with and mounting mental ones due to the heartbreaking losses, Mattie has managed to rebuild her life emotionally and physically to become one of the top female leadership speakers in the country. Her story is what happens when you lose everything you believe to be important - your career, your status, your physical capabilities and your dreams for the future - and you have to start over.
  • 14. Sally Obermeder's incredible life

    When TV presenter Sally Obermeder was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer the day before giving birth to her daughter, it got her thinking about what she really wanted from life. But instead of retiring to a quiet life on a Pacific island, she convinced her sister Maha to launch a wellness blog Swiish that has since grown into a burgeoning empire. For  Sally, whose beaming radiance has been a constant source of inspiration in many people’s lives for almost two decades, this is just the beginning.
  • 13. Gen Fricker turned her worst year ever into comedy gold

    Gen Fricker is well known for her slashie career. She’s been a radio host on Triple J/ a regular guest on the hit TV show Have You Been Paying Attention/and a mainstay on the stand-up comedy circuit for almost a decade. Unfortunately she’s also well-known for being the victim of a stalker who assaulted her on-air in ABC Studios. Not surprisingly the event kicked off a year of hell for the young media talent - (but is now the subject of her new national tour. Natch). This is what happens when you're known for your worst work day ever.
  • 12. Zali Steggall took on the patriarchy and won

    Zali Steggall first burst into the Australian psyche back in 1998 when she became the first ever Australian to win a medal at a Winter Olympics - winning a Bronze in the slalom at Nagano. Fast forward 20-years and she came back to public life with a bang as the woman who famously toppled ex-Prime Minister Tony Abbott from the electorate seat he had held for 25 years. Now the Abbott-slayer is on the verge of becoming the face of climate change in our federal parliament, and she joins marie claire to talk about all of it...