Financial Recon


How to Put People First in a Digital World w/Mike Erwin

Season 2, Ep. 1

Happy New Year! & Welcome to Season 2 of the Financial Recon podcast!

Each year we all look for ways to start off the year improving:

Whether it be going to the gym, or signing up for a class, the opportunity to start anew, rekindles our spirit to grow.

But  lately with all the digital obstacles out there how are leaders to create such a culture of personal growth?

In this episode I am pleased to be joined by Mike Erwin, co-author of Leadership is a Relationship, who taps into his breadth of experience as a:

 Army Veteran

 Executive Director & founder  of Team RWB

 CEO of the Character Center

 & Co-Founder of the Positivity Project

To share lessons on how leaders can put People First in the digital world!

You can pick up Mike's new book here:


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