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228. Fearlessly Failing: Sam Harris

Sam Harris is a very grounded human being, she's calm, clear and confident. She knows who she is and what she stands for. This was one of those interviews which came from a chance luck meeting. I was stuck in Sydney with the Byron floods and within 24 hours of being grounded we'd organised to sit down at her manager's office and have a good old chin-wag. In this chat we unpack Sam's career and how the beauty industry has changed over the years to be more inclusive and diverse. Sam was the second indigenous women to grace the cover of Vouge Magazine, ever! She's a go-getter, but a calm one, she calmly goes after her goals and aims to inspire other humans along the way. 

I have to do a shoutout of Locako for allowing me to interview Sam for this pod; she's an ambassador for their beauty collagen range. 


ps. you can Follow Sam here: www.instagram.com/sam_harris

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