Fearlessly Failing with Lola Berry


181. Fearlessly Failing: Charlie Goldsmith

Today's guest is my longtime mate Charlie Goldsmith. He's a wonderful human being with a unique skill set. He's a healer, and was also on the TV show which was all about his healing and how he can help others, it was called "The Healer." In this chat yes of course we talk about Charlie's healing but we spent a fair bit of time talking about his other passion; health. He's a very driven, disciplined and honest person so what you'll hear is his unfiltered beliefs. I've always admired Charlie's discipline and ability to make health his priority, I like many others, am healthy about 80% of the time then have big wobble days when I gorge on sugar, not Charlie, he's constantly honouring his health and i love it. Charlie, you're hard working, kind and caring. It was an honour to have you on this podcast. Thank you.

you can find out more about Charlie and is health program here: 

Charlie: https://www.charliegoldsmith.com/

His Health Program: https://www.mygoodhabits.com/

CG insta: https://www.instagram.com/charliegoldsmith

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