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179. Fearlessly Failing: My Mum - Wendy Avery!

Welcome back, this is our first episode of 2022, and it's our 179th episode in total. So if you're new to this pod, there's load of fun interviews waiting for you. This week on the pod it's family week. My mum aka Wendy Avery is on the pod today, i interview her about her life to date, she's been a nurse but worked in loads of different fields, which we cover in today's chat. Mum's also got a really cool outlook on life and she shares her views and beliefs. I found this chat really inspiring, not just because she's my mum but because i love her value system, she doesn't believe in having regrets. Thanks for jumping on the pod Mum! Then on Friday's diary episode Dad jumps on as he's spent all of chrimbo and New Years in Byron Hinterland with the Boss and I. Hence, this week being called family week! I wish you all a Happy New Year! I really hope 2022 is a goodie for you, lets make a wish and give it a red hot crack shall we!

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