Fearlessly Failing with Lola Berry


111. Fearlessly Failing: Sandra Sully

What a powerhouse! To be honest with you I was really nervous to interview this iconic TV queen. Sandra Sully has been at ch.10 for 31 years. In this episode we chat about how she accidentally fell into this career. We talk about some of the highs like interviewing the great Oprah and Olympic moments with some of her sports hero’s, but we also explore some of the confronting moments like being live on air as the September 11 terrorist attacks happened and being in the group covering the Thredbo landslide and Stuart Divers rescue. Sandra clearly has an awesome work ethic and we talk about our mutual love for putting everything in our diaries. She’s incredible, I hope her drive and passion inspires you.

Ps. She’s got an unreal poddy too “short black” she also interviewed me on her pod. It was equally intimidating being interviewed by such a talented journo! Anything I’m rambling, I hope you enjoy this pod!


You can listen to Sandra’s pod here


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