F*ck off and die

F*ck off and die is a crude cosmic hug for anyone going through heart break. It's based on a book that helps people through the fucked up first month of a break up. Hosted by author Sarah Robinson and illustrator Jade Foo.

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  • 8. Plot Twist

    Sarah and Jade weasel their way back into your hearts after spending far too long away with no explanation. The reason is really good though. They talk through some compelling ghosting stats, and how to cope if it happens to you. (Spoiler alert: data says it probably will.)Get the full show notes here.

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  • 5. Emma Watson is fine

    Sarah and Jade talk about dealing with the anxiety of being partnered and having your shit together post 30 and answer a listener question about when to start dating after a breakup.Full show notes here.
  • 4. How do I deal with the intense physical pain of a breakup?

    Sarah plays an excerpt from psychologist Guy Winch's 2017 TedX Talk, about why you shouldn't idealise your ex (and how not to). Jade answers a listener question about how to cope with the intense physical pain of a break up.Full show notes here.
  • 2. You are fucking awesome

    Just a lil message from Sarah to say you are pretty fucking great.
  • 2. V Day Special - How to turn your ex into a cockroach

    Sarah and Jade discuss naming your ex after a cockroach and then feeding it to an animal at the zoo. Jade answers a question from a listener who wants to know what she can do to get through Valentine’s Day as a single person, without feeling like shit.Show notes here!
  • 1. You're not single. You're eligible as fuck.

    Sarah and Jade dissect a clip by Katherine Ryan about the double standard between how single men and single women are viewed. Jade answers a question from a listener who is struggling with her best friend acting smug about her new boyfriend on social media. What the fuck should she do? Sarah and Jade are back from swimming with fishes to give you all the answers.Show notes here!
  • 21. How to survive being single over Christmas

    Jade and Sarah talk about how to deal with Christmas when you're single, and answer a question from a listener who just got dumped before the holidays, and is dreading being asked about her boyfriend at Christmas parties.