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  • 216. Advocating from Central Australia with Gillian Fennell

    Farms Advice Podcast this week is with the Queen of Twitter, Gillian Fennell. Coming from South Australia she is pretty well smack bang in the middle of Australia, or as others would call. Middle of no where. They operate huge area with the family and are using Twitter as a way to stay connected. she's informed of most things and if she isn't she doesn't try to be.Follow her on Twitter @Stationmum101If you liked this episode please share it with a mate or a retweet. Make sure you've subscribed so you don't miss another for over 200+ episodes looking to improve your farm@farmsadvice on your socials to find us.

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  • 216. Behind the Harvest 2023 with Grain Producers Australia

    This year's harvest hasn't followed on from last years crop so here's an update from Grain Producers Australia CEO Colin Bettles and Northern Director Matthew Madden.How's harvest going in 2023Hail storms and farmingMatthews recent trip to India with the Ag MinisterThe Biosecurity levy and it's current stateBoard Position currently open to join GPA.AG Day and what means to be advocating Australian grain producersAlso, predictions that who would with the ODI World Cup but they sat on the fence too much.Take a look at GPA role hereMore episodes you might like with GPA If you liked this episode make sure you share it with a mate and pass on the #FarmsAdviceFollow us on socials @farmsadvice and keep on farming
  • 215. Searching For Gems in Farm Finance with Deb Purvis

    Welcome back to the Farms Advice podcast. Today's episode we talked to Deb Purvis from Purvis Financial. This is a great episode going into how you can look for the best loans, find out whether loyalty works best for you. And as a new entrant into farming, trying to get into the farming game, there is a fair bit of expertise here to listen in to find out different avenues of how it can work for you.The Farms Advice Podcast has been going for 3 1/2 years now and we've been divvying out some great knowledge from the experts in the paddock and also the office. It would be fantastic if you can subscribe to this podcast. We don't want it to stop there, though. We want you to pass on your own piece of farms advice to this generation and the next. It's pretty important for us to start sharing knowledge within Australian agriculture, so it's not lost into the never, never.Until next Tuesday keep on farming farming.Find Deb at and tell her Farms Advice sent you here.For more episodes like this go to and grab yourself a pair of Farms Advice work socks.follow us @farmsadvice on InstagramFollow our YouTubeFollow on Twitter
  • 214. Rain, Hail or Shine – seize tax opportunities for your business with Scott Smith

    Rain, Hail or Shine – seize tax opportunities for your businessThis episode topic will cover high or low income years can present opportunities for your business from a tax perspective. Ensure you know what these are, so that you can take advantage of them. Welcome to the seasoned and new farmers joining us for an informative episode on the Beyond The Tax Return. Scott is a wealth of knowledge and this is his third appearance on the Farms Advice Podcast from succession to estate planning. Now you can get your tax in order. Share this episode with your mates and let us know where you're listening from socials or go to for more information about this episode and others
  • 213. How To Become A High Performance Farmer Starting With Culture with Stuart Wesley

    Farms Advice Podcast is lucky to get Stuart Wesley on again with an add on of the previous episode about people and culture and how it impacts farms across Australia. If you're working within yourself and others on farm either family or not this is a perfect episode for you. Find the snippets in here you might get something from.Get to a place that you're happy with and have a life that you like on and off-farm. We loved this conversation and hope you do to. Have a good week.For more and follow us on Instagram @farmsadviceHave a look at what Stuart and the team do
  • 214. Chaser Bins Can Do What?? New Tech coming to harvests with Melody Labinsky

    Farms Advice Podcast episode this weeks jumps into a little bit of harvest technology and what has changed within tractors with PLM Manager for ANZ New Holland team Melody Labinsky. Some technologies in there that Jack hadn't even heard of. Follow the episode and listen into find out what could be happening on your farm in the next few for more of these episodes. Follow us on Insta @FarmsAdvice.
  • 212. What's Happening For Grain Producers with Colin Bettles and Barry Large

    A bonus episode for the week to get your grain updates of what's happening with Grain Producers Australia chair Barry Large and also CEO Colin Bettles. A great conversation between the three that will fill you in on what's happening withWhat's the season looking like for harvest biosecurity levy for farmerssheep live export ban and it's impact on grain producersVarroa miteROL (Return On Levy) coined by Farms Advice Jack Cresswell to measure the return for every $1 paid through our levies as producers.Improving our mental fitness during times that may shrink the clock and the budget.Hope you get something from this episode. If you did, make sure you share it with a mate so that we can reach more Aussie farmers to build on the outlook for both you and I. Until next Tuesday, keep on farming.Checkout Grain Producers Australia. Look @farmsadvice and GPA on social media to keep up with the content coming out of the paddock and into your ears.