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  • 222. Emma Leonard: "Agtech needs to be developed to be 9X the value". Finding what works for you on farm within the digital landscape.

    Welcome to the Farms Advice Podcast we we chat everything farming and DIGITAL AG is top of the agenda today. Emma Leonard, an expert in digital agriculture, discusses the challenges and opportunities of adopting AgTech in Australian agriculture. She highlights the importance of reliable connectivity and the need for digital transformation in the industry. Emma explains the concept of the fourth wave of innovation in agriculture, which involves the integration of digital technologies, machine learning, and automation. She also discusses the different sectors where precision agriculture is being implemented and the economic analysis of adopting AgTech. Emma emphasizes the importance of understanding farmers' needs and the role of evaluation tools in building capacity in agriculture. Finally, she shares insights on global perspectives on AgTech and the challenges faced in different regions.TakeawaysReliable connectivity is crucial for the adoption of digital agriculture.Digital transformation in agriculture involves the integration of digital technologies, machine learning, and automation.Precision agriculture is being implemented in various sectors, including intensive cropping and dairy.Economic analysis is important in understanding the value proposition of adopting AgTech.Building capacity in agriculture requires understanding farmers' needs and using evaluation tools to target specific information.Global perspectives on AgTech vary, and different regions face unique challenges.Chapters00:00 Introduction and Background03:00 Challenges of Connectivity08:00 The Fourth Wave of Innovation in Agriculture09:30 Digital Transformation in Agriculture16:00 Precision Agriculture in Different Sectors19:30 Economic Analysis of Precision Agriculture26:00 Challenges in AgTech Adoption32:00 Building Capacity in Agriculture41:00 The Role of AgTech in Building Capacity44:00 Global Perspectives on AgTechFollow @FarmsAdvice on InstagramFollow Jack @Cressy__ on InstagramFarms Advice on FacebookFollow Emma on Twitter where we first found her @AgriknowhowJoin the Farms Advice Club to continue the conversationFind us on YouTubeAny topics or collaborations you want to see email in at "Keep on Farming!

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  • 226. Jack Owen: "Why isn't anyone talking about it?" Find out what the top 5% of farmers do

    Jack Owen, author of the book 'You Are Not Your Farm', discusses his journey in Australian agriculture and the inspiration behind his book. He shares how he discovered the importance of mindset and personal development in farming success. Owen emphasises the need for a morning routine and the power of vulnerability in the farming community. He also highlights the significance of gratitude and the story we tell ourselves in achieving success. The book aims to help farmers find value and purpose in their lives and improve their overall well-being. Let us know what you thought of it on our socials belowTakeawaysThe importance of mindset and personal development in farming successThe power of a morning routine in setting the tone for the dayThe significance of vulnerability and sharing challenges with othersThe role of gratitude in finding value and purpose in farmingThe impact of the story we tell ourselves on our successThe need to focus on overall well-being and not just farm outcomesChapters00:00 The Journey to Writing 'You Are Not Your Farm' 05:22 The Power of a Morning Routine in Farming11:25 Embracing Vulnerability in the Farming Community16:06 The Role of Gratitude and Health in Farming SuccessHis book can be found hereFollow Farms Advice Join the Farmers Only Facebook Group Instagram Twitter TikTok For more like this visit Follow Jack on Instagram @cressy__ and Twitter @jcressw3 Support the podcast by sponsoring an episode so that we can pass on the #FarmsAdvice  Listen to Farm Yarns Podcast
  • 223. Market Access, Live Export, Language used and Consumers. Challenges and Opportunities Support and Resources for Sheep Producers with CEO Bonnie Skinner

    Bonnie Skinner, CEO of Sheep Producers Australia, discusses her non-traditional pathway into the sheep industry and the role of her organisation in representing and advocating for sheep producers. She highlights the need for a cohesive vision and strategic plan for the industry, as well as the importance of market access, biosecurity, and animal health. Skinner also addresses the challenge of promoting lamb, mutton, and hogget as premium proteins and the need for consistent quality and consumer education. She discusses the impact of live sheep exports and the concerns of the industry regarding the consequences for regional Australia and the national flock. The conversation covers various topics related to the sheep industry, including market access, live export, value-adding, and industry events. Jack and Bonnie discuss the importance of live export to the Middle Eastern region and the challenges of finding alternative market solutions. They also highlight the need for innovation in product development and the importance of consistency and quality in the industry. The conversation concludes with a discussion about the upcoming LambEx event and the support available to sheep producers.Chapters00:00 Introduction and Background03:50 Advocating for Sheep Producers09:45 Promoting Lamb, Mutton, and Hogget28:56 The Impact of the Phase-Out of Live Sheep Exports30:44 Ensuring Success and Sustainability in Sheep Production30:47 The Importance of Live Export40:53 Innovation and Value-Adding46:39 Consistency and Quality51:17 Industry Events like LambEx55:39 Support for Sheep ProducersFollow Farms Advice Join the Farmers Only Facebook Group Instagram Twitter TikTok For more like this visit Follow Jack on Instagram @cressy__ and Twitter @jcressw3 Support the podcast by sponsoring an episode so that we can pass on the #FarmsAdvice Go to Sheep Producers AustraliaListen to Farm Yarns Podcast 
  • 221. Carmen Quade: "Know your numbers and what they mean". Improve your office skills and it'll change your outcomes on farm.

    In this Farms Advice episode, Carmen discusses the importance of budgeting and forecasting in agricultural businesses. She highlights the gap in business skills among farmers and the need for training in areas such as finance and administration. Carmen emphasizes the significance of succession planning and setting long-term goals. She also provides insights into the power of the family farm office and the different types of budgets that can be used. Carmen shares advice on improving budgets and recommends tools for budgeting and forecasting. She concludes by sharing the best piece of farm advice she has received and offers her own advice to listeners.Chapters00:00 Intro03:13 Identifying the Gap in Agricultural Business Skills06:24 The Importance of Succession Planning08:50 Setting Goals and Dealing with Market Volatility12:40 Unlocking the Power of the Family Farm Office15:47 The Importance of Budgeting and Forecasting18:08 Different Types of Budgets21:28 Improving Budgets and Timeframes for Review27:30 Accounting for Mishaps and Unexpected Events29:42 Valuing Yourself as a Farmer33:39 Tools for Budgeting and Forecasting42:17 Best Piece of Farm Advice43:14 Advice to Pass OnFollow the podcast@farmsadvice Instagram@cressy__ InstagramVisit Carmen at Carmen on Twitter where we met too. Mention Farms Advice when you connect
  • 220. Get The Most From Your Ewe Lambs with Sally Martin

    In this episode of the Farms Advice podcast, host Jack interviews Sally Martin about the Optimizing New Lamb Joining Outcomes project. They discuss the use of mate cell for ram breeding, the role of genomics in sheep breeding, and the busy times in the sheep industry. They also talk about an upcoming field day for the project and the questions that led to its creation. Sally explains the variables and measurements involved in the project, including teaser rams and ram health. They discuss the importance of timing and nutrition in joining ewe lambs and the benefits of using EID tags for improved management decisions.TakeawaysMate cell technology allows for accurate prediction of breeding outcomes before rams and ewes are joined.The Optimizing New Lamb Joining Outcomes project aims to provide a framework for decision-making in joining ewe lambs.Timing, nutrition, and ram health are crucial factors in successful joining of ewe lambs.EID tags can provide valuable information for individual animal management and decision-making.00:54 Using Mate Cell for Ram Breeding02:09 Genomics and Sheep Breeding03:01 Busy Times in the Sheep Industry03:20 Field Day and the Optimizing New Lamb Joining Outcomes Project04:06 Starting the Project and Addressing Producer Questions06:12 Variables and Measurements in the Project08:21 Following Ewe Lambs as Adults09:15 Joining Strategies and Timing10:09 Teaser Rams and Ram Health12:27 Considering Seasonality and Labor Opportunities14:13 Selecting Rams for Young Ewes16:42 Preparing Rams for Joining17:44 Joining Frequency and Timing20:04 Managing Feed and Nutrition for Optimal Joining22:59 Classing Ewe Lambs for Joining23:37 Using EID Tags to Improve Management Decisions26:31 Field Day Agenda and Demonstrations29:06 Key Performance Indicators and Project Goals30:29 Preparing for Mandatory EID Tagging35:00 Wrap-up and Advice for Joining Ewe Lambs
  • 219. Do Farmers Look Fat In This? Ben Wundersitz and the Fat Farmers Journey

    Welcome to the very first full episode for the Farms Advice Podcast. This is the 5th season and it's going to be a great one. Make sure you subscribe to wherever you listen to not miss a moment. Follow us on Instagram Wundersitz, a fifth-generation farmer from Maitland, South Australia, shares his journey of starting the Fat Farmers community and the importance of physical and mental health in farming. The conversation covers topics such as challenges with snails, making time for exercise, measuring the impact of Fat Farmers, and the need for healthy farmers in agriculture. Ben emphasizes the role of Fat Farmers in building community and the importance of surrounding oneself with good people. The conversation concludes with a discussion on starting a Fat Farmers community and the sharing culture in agriculture.TakeawaysPhysical and mental health are crucial for farmers to perform their best on the farm.The Fat Farmers community provides a social outlet and support network for farmers to prioritize their health.Exercise and a healthy lifestyle can have a positive impact on both physical and mental well-being.Surrounding oneself with good people and building a supportive community is essential for personal and professional growth.Chapters00:00 Introduction and Welcome01:11 Ben's Farming Background02:05 Challenges with Snails03:09 Starting the Farming Operation04:11 Giving Up Local Sport05:04 The Birth of Fat Farmers06:15 Making the Decision to Change09:02 Identifying the Need for Change10:01 Making Time for Exercise11:45 The Connection Between Exercise and Mental Health13:55 The Impact of Fat Farmers on the Community15:22 Measuring the Impact of Fat Farmers20:28 The Importance of Physical and Mental Health in Farming23:33 The Role of Fat Farmers in Building Community24:25 The Need for Healthy Farmers in Agriculture26:01 Balancing Health and Farming27:19 Fitting Exercise into the Farming Routine28:05 Advice for Farmers29:08 Advice Passed on to Ben30:36 Taking Care of Yourself and the Community31:15 Sponsors of Fat Farmers32:02 Starting a Fat Farmers Community33:33 Learning from Traveling and Meeting Other Farmers34:12 The Sharing Culture in Agriculture34:40 ConclusionKeep on farming!
  • 218. Let's Go Farming in 2024

    G'day and welcome to the first episode of 2024 and let's go farming!A round up of what happened in 2023 and what is to come in 2024. Only 50% of you have subscribed but for the farmers who haven't do me a favour and subscribe to your platform so that we can build on the podcast, get the best guests on in the business and go to a few events.If you want to be a part of the podcast in 2024 email't wait to rip into this year with you. Keep on farming and follow us on Insta @FarmsAdvice
  • 217. Advocating from Central Australia with Gillian Fennell

    Farms Advice Podcast this week is with the Queen of Twitter, Gillian Fennell. Coming from South Australia she is pretty well smack bang in the middle of Australia, or as others would call. Middle of no where. They operate huge area with the family and are using Twitter as a way to stay connected. she's informed of most things and if she isn't she doesn't try to be.Follow her on Twitter @Stationmum101If you liked this episode please share it with a mate or a retweet. Make sure you've subscribed so you don't miss another for over 200+ episodes looking to improve your farm@farmsadvice on your socials to find us.
  • 216. Behind the Harvest 2023 with Grain Producers Australia

    This year's harvest hasn't followed on from last years crop so here's an update from Grain Producers Australia CEO Colin Bettles and Northern Director Matthew Madden.How's harvest going in 2023Hail storms and farmingMatthews recent trip to India with the Ag MinisterThe Biosecurity levy and it's current stateBoard Position currently open to join GPA.AG Day and what means to be advocating Australian grain producersAlso, predictions that who would with the ODI World Cup but they sat on the fence too much.Take a look at GPA role hereMore episodes you might like with GPA If you liked this episode make sure you share it with a mate and pass on the #FarmsAdviceFollow us on socials @farmsadvice and keep on farming