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Fangirl Friday! ... with Leah Sams of Power of Women

Season 1, Ep. 5

Fangirl Friday is a podcast about the creative side of NFTs, hosted by me Kate Philipson. 

Each week I interview a different NFT artist to find out more about them and discover who they are fans of in the NFT space. 

This episode features a conversation with the amazing Leah Sams, the artist and co-founder of Power of Women. 

We chat about Leah’s creative journey, her route into NFTs via a fire station, what it’s like working as a husband and wife team, and why representation is so important in the NFT space. 

The interview was recorded live from my Fangirl Friday Twitter Space a few weeks ago and for this episode my co-host is Nathan Fryer of Avril15. 

Cover artwork by me, Kate Philipson. Find more about me and my work here 

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Power of Women website 

The League of Extraordinary Women collection is here 

Women of the Metaverse collection is here 

Find out all about the Power Pass here 

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