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Fangirl Friday! ... with Alex De Marcos

Season 1, Ep. 6

Fangirl Friday is a podcast about the creative side of NFTs, hosted by me Kate Philipson. 

Each week I interview a different NFT artist to find out more about them and discover who they are fans of in the NFT space. 

This episode features a conversation with the incredibly talented Spanish illustrator Alex De Marcos. 

We talk about Alex’s creative creative process, the amazing relationship he has with colour, why he has finally started selling his NFTs on the Ethereum network, and why NFT twitter has been such a nice surprise for him. 

For this conversation we are also joined by the amazing illustrator and NFT artist Habiba Green, who was on hand to help with translation. 

The interview was recorded live on my Fangirl Friday Twitter Space a few weeks ago so the sound quality isn’t perfect, but hopefully bearable. 

Cover artwork by me, Kate Philipson. Find more about me and my work here 

Useful links to accompany the episode: 

Alex’s Linktree

Alex’s books:

Boleta de Nuvol - buy it here

Kurt Cobain: About a Boy 

Here are some images from the book

And you can buy it here

Alex’s painting Sunday Light …was inspired by Hopper’s Pensive Lady in Pink

Alex also mentions the artists: 




El Bosco (Bosch)

NFT artists Alex is a fan of: Once again Acast won't let me add these links but these are all Twitter usernames






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