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Strategy, leadership & being effortless, with Ben Kensell, COO, Norwich City FC

Season 1, Ep. 20

This episode is with Ben Kensell, Chief Operating Officer of Norwich City FC, and former Commercial Operations Controller at Arsenal, and then Chief Commercial Officer at Charlton Athletic. This chat with Ben moves into an area that doesn't traditionally get talked about enough in Fan Engagement, and that’s strategy.

Strategy is, as Ben explains, what makes what Norwich City do, effortless, as well as leadership and staff taking responsibility and being empowered. They didn’t just land where they did through luck, they did it because the owners and major shareholders made intentional decisions about direction and strategy, along with the leadership team, and ensured that the whole organisation buys into them.

That’s the reason they finished so high in the inaugural Fan Engagement Index last year, and why they’re so well regarded across the game.

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